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Vicktory dogs’ purple collars and golden hearts

Seven Vicktory dogs graduate from red to purple collars, and can now be walked by volunteers 18 years of age and older.

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Michael Vick scandal: Five years later

Five years after the Michael Vick dog-fighting bust, the Vicktory Dogs have become pioneers in the fight against canine profiling.

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Vicktory dog Georgia adopted

A new beginning is on the horizon for Vicktory dog Georgia.

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Michael Vick, Never Say Never

The national conversation about the man transcends Michael Vick himself and gets to some bigger issues: the intrinsic value of the lives of animals, for starters.

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When the President Calls About the Vick Dogs

President Obama has jumped on the Michael Vick bandwagon with an official call to Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie to congratulate him for giving the quarterback another chance. Here at Best Friends, we are waiting for a call from the White House to congratulate us for giving Vick’s dogs another chance too.

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