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National Park Service offers misguided regulation

Speak out against the proposal that would endanger “domestic or feral” animals in our national parks.

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Utah’s feral cats meow a sigh of relief and cheer in victory!

Now municipal or community animal control officers can bypass a holding period before returning cats who are part of a TNR program to their managed colonies.

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Kitty Kitty Bang Bang: what do Stephen Colbert, feral cats and a guy named LaVar have in common?

Language in legislation introduced by Utah Rep. Curtis Oda, HB 210, to allow animals considered “feral” to be killed on sight, shot down thanks to you.

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Yowza! War brewing in Utah

Proposed by Representative Oda, HB 210 would allow the citizens of Utah to “humanely shoot” or kill any animal that they “reasonably believe” to be “feral.”

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