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Speaking with one voice: A call for transparency in sheltering

Best Friends co-authors position statement calling for transparency in data provided by animal shelters.

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TNR: Eliminating the whack-a-mole factor

Trap/neuter/return opponent pops up in our nation’s capital, despite the fact that TNR is the only humane way to control populations of community cats.

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“Get out of jail free” card for cats passed by Arizona legislature

Thanks to new legislation, free-roaming cats in Arizona can avoid the mandatory time hold at shelters and instead be quickly fixed, vaccinated and returned.

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Declaring a victory for community cats

Community Cats Projects in Albuquerque and San Antonio have set a new standard for feline sheltering procedures, improving the live release rate to 90 percent.

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Latest research shows more Americans willing to adopt

Contributors to the recent PetSmart Charities® U.S. Shelter Pet Report feel pet homelessness, adoption, and spay/neuter are important issues.

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