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NKLA: Calling all heroes!

Los Angeles foster homes needed for dogs and cats with medical conditions in order to become nation’s largest no-kill city.

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Best Friends National Conference in Los Angeles

Learn and be inspired by watching live stream of Julie Castle’s keynote address from the conference this Saturday.

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Los Angeles City Council passes no-kill resolution

The City of Angels is on target to becoming no-kill in 2017, and in collaboration with the NKLA coalition, the city council reaffirms its commitment to that goal.

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Best Friends NKLA initiative on target to create country’s largest no-kill community

Collaborative efforts result in Los Angeles city shelters achieving a record save rate and the city continuing on track to become no-kill in 2017.

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NKLA’s no-kill December: A record-breaking, lifesaving effort

This is a great benchmark to take us into year two of NKLA, we now have the stats for the rest of the year — and shelter killing at Los Angeles Animal Services was down for 2012 by more than 4,200 animals compared to 2011.

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