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The Vicktory dog legacy

In the 10 years since coming to Best Friends, the Vicktory dogs have blossomed, becoming beloved ambassadors for pit bull terriers and dogfighting victims.

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Michael Vick and the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame

There are far more important things to do to help animals than continue following Michael Vick.

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Nine years in: How the Vicktory dogs helped change the future for millions of dogs

After the Vicktory dogs were given a second chance, people and policymakers from around the world began to see pit-bull-terrier-like dogs in a new light.

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A farewell to Tug, the Vicktory dog

Tug, one of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s property, crosses the Rainbow Bridge and will be missed by the many who knew and loved him.

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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry: The Champions, the documentary about the Vicktory dogs, releases today

Award-winning film celebrating the canine victims of Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels now screening in select cities and available for purchase.

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The continuing upside of the Michael Vick dogfighting bust

Vicktory dogs serve as models for lifesaving Delaware law that now ensures dogs seized from dogfighting ring busts to be individually evaluated.

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