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Nevada AB 110 is signed into law

New law promotes public safety while prohibiting breed-discriminatory laws (BDL).

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More good news about bad laws against pit bulls

Progress has been made in fight against breed-discriminatory legislation, but there is still more work to be done.

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Historic Ohio legislation spearheaded by Best Friends signed into law today

Thank you for joining Best Friends Animal Society in spearheading this groundbreaking accomplishment.

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Another win for dog-fighting victims

Spearheaded by Best Friends Animal Society, SB 722, will result in dogs rescued from fighting scenarios being evaluated to determine if they could be placed.

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Born bad or just born in the wrong state?

Under current Ohio law, pit bull puppies are deemed to be vicious dogs as soon as they are born. Please lend your support for change, help pass Ohio HB 14.

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The Real Deal

Best Friends Animal Society’s Ledy VanKavage has been nominated by the readers of American Dog magazine for Animal Welfare Lobbyist of the Year. Voting ends December 5, so get out your keyboard and vote for the real deal, Ledy VanKavage.

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