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Solving the problem of puppy mills

Las Vegas joins an ever-growing list of more than 100 communities that have enacted a local ordinance banning the sale of mill-bred pets in local pet stores.

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Sin no more: Las Vegas announces plan to take city to no-kill

After city’s rough animal welfare history, nonprofit group The Animal Foundation commits to making Las Vegas’ municipal shelter no-kill by 2020.

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Looking forward to the biggest, best national conference ever!

Join other animal welfare advocates in Las Vegas on October 23-26 for the Best Friends National Conference, an event described as “life changing.”

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Everyone Loves a Paw’rade!

Join us in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and New York, if you are within driving distance, put on some red, white and blue, bring your dog (we’ll have patriotic bandanas for the doggies) and have a blast.

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