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The Vicktory dog legacy

In the 10 years since coming to Best Friends, the Vicktory dogs have blossomed, becoming beloved ambassadors for pit bull terriers and dogfighting victims.

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“Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other”

Though art is often intended to be controversial, animal abuse is not art. Join others who are outraged and let the Guggenheim curator know your thoughts.

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Saying goodbye to Willie Boy

Willie Boy, Vicktory dog who blossomed later in life and was beloved by his caregivers, will be greatly missed.

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Michael Vick and the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame

There are far more important things to do to help animals than continue following Michael Vick.

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California governor signs bill to save dogs seized in fight ring busts

Thanks to recent legislation with bipartisan support, dogs seized from fighting cases in California now have a chance at new lives.

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