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Targeting outdoor cats is misguided and likely to backfire

Help Best Friends remove feral cats from the Western Governors’ Association list of invasive species.

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USDA removes online database critical to animal welfare work

Invaluable tool to research animal welfare inspection reports removed from the United States Department of Agriculture website. Take action now.

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Nine years in: How the Vicktory dogs helped change the future for millions of dogs

After the Vicktory dogs were given a second chance, people and policymakers from around the world began to see pit-bull-terrier-like dogs in a new light.

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Diggy dodges breed ban, but unjust law still needs to be overturned

Diggy the dog, suspected of being a pit bull terrier in a town with breed-discriminatory legislation, wins his case. But what about other dogs in Michigan?

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Obama’s words for the no-kill movement

Recent presidential speech addresses the need for compromise, a lesson that applies to animal welfare advocates working to Save Them All.

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Take Action: The White House Opposes Breed Discriminatory Legislation

Time to ask the President, in his capacity of Commander In Chief, to reverse the Pentagon’s policy of breed discriminatory regulations on U.S. military bases.

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