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To adopt or not? A new Best Friends survey sheds light on pet adoptions

Though the public has a positive perception of rescues and shelters, negative beliefs persist around adoption process. That needs to change.

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Dont blame Craigslist or any other marketing channel for adoptions gone wrong

A number of posts deriding Craigslist as an unsafe venue for adoption promotions have crossed my screen recently. These tend to bubble up following an expose of some animal abuser who adopted a dog or cat via a Craigslist ad. The sky isn’t falling. Such anger and distress is misplaced. Craigslist, like Petfinder, Facebook or […]

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PETCO, please change your policy on FIV+ cats

PETCO prohibits FIV+ cats into their stores for adoption events. Unfortunately, this old-school thinking perpetuates a myth that has doomed countless cats to death.

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