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California shelter bill pulled amid controversy

Amid controversy, California AB 2343, which would have updated te Hayden Act, was tabled.

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Benchmark results from Los Angeles point to bright future for no-kill

The NKLA initiative of Best Friends Animal Society launched at the beginning of 2012. Shelter deaths in Los Angeles have been cut nearly in half in just two years.

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2014 – The year ahead

We’ve got some pretty lofty goals set for this year, and we know that with your help, we’ll exceed them all.

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2013: A benchmark year for Best Friends and the animals

The past 12 months have been a time of lifesaving progress for Best Friends and the animals.

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Best Friends helps Downtown Dog Rescue realize dream: New lifesaving center to open in South Gate

Downtown Dog Rescue, a member of the NKLA Coalition, is committed to fighting hard for the animals of L.A.

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New pet adoption center opens new chapter in NKLA campaign

Lifesaving in L.A. gets another boost with opening of new adoption center for homeless animals.

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