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Demand Houston SPCA Save Hurricane Harvey Animals

Update: We want to be clear that our call to action regarding the HSPCA has nothing to do with the totally unsubstantiated rumors that have been floating around the internet that the HSPCA is killing animals in Beaumont. 

The wild he-said-she-said gossip began on the evening of the 2nd as the HSPCA took over the management of the temporary animal shelter at the Ford Center. Best Friends has not, and is not accusing the HSCPA of killing animals during the storm or the chaos immediately following.

Our concern has always been, and still is, the long-term commitment to the animals. 

Yesterday the Best Friends Animal Society team on the ground in Texas arrived in Beaumont. Beaumont is one of the hardest hit areas by Hurricane Harvey and is struggling to provide basic services – the entire community lost access to clean water. The animals rescued from the area were being housed at a pavilion-type shelter set up at the Ford Center. The reports from our team on the ground late yesterday were that the animals were in dire need of basic medical care, and the heat was taking its toll.

The Houston SPCA obtained the memorandum of understanding (MOU) from local officials to serve as the small animal lead at the Ford Center. That’s when the rumors began to swirl.

The Houston SPCA has a history of a lack of transparency around consistent reporting regarding the outcomes for the animals entering their care.  They have questionable policies regarding pit bull type dogs and have received continued criticism from the animal welfare community around these policies. So it’s understandable that the rescue community and other pet-loving members of the public, aware of the Houston SPCA’s history, would be worried about what was taking place with the pets in Beaumont.

We contacted the Houston SPCA and spoke with the organization’s President, Patti Mercer. Knowing the Houston SPCA is already stretched thin from their necessary work in Houston, Best Friends offered to relieve them of the responsibility in Beaumont and take over the MOU to provide care and reunion efforts for the animals rescued in  Beaumont. This offer was denied.

We then offered assistance and general help for the animals of Beaumont to the Houston SPCA, but this offer for help was also declined. While Ms. Mercer did verbally commit to at least a 30 day hold for the animals of Beaumont to be reunited with their owners, our attempts to determine if there would be an adoption guarantee for these animals regardless of where they might be transferred failed – we were told by Ms. Mercer to wait for a “press release” and she was unwilling to put anything in writing to us. The list of possible receiving agencies for these animals that she cited are not known for their commitment to no-kill policies.

We detailed the expectations Best Friends has set for ourselves for animals we rescue from this storm, and asked the Houston SPCA to commit to the same, in writing.

  • Minimum 30-day stray hold so owners can reunite with their pets
  • Proactive pursuit of families and reunion of all pets displaced by Harvey
  • A clear, transparent operation that offers an appropriate standard of care
  • A guarantee for a positive outcome for all animals rescued. In other words, that all the animals in Beaumont are either reunited with their families; adopted into a loving home; or are transferred to an agency who will guarantee a no-kill outcome
  • Sharing of raw data so that the above points can be audited and confirmed by interested parties

Ms. Mercer refused to put these simple commitments and procedures in writing, and again she referred us to a yet-to-be-made press release. We advised her that her personal word in writing to us would do more to allay the public’s concerns than a press release, but again Ms. Mercer declined. Without this in writing, Best Friends does not feel comfortable with what is happening in Beaumont, or anywhere else the Houston SPCA is rescuing pets.

Whether it is a time of disaster or not, organizations that rescue animals need to be held accountable by the communities they serve. Best Friends is committed to help the animals of Texas, and will not back down.

Please click here to sign a petition to hold Houston SPCA to these simple life saving guarantees.

Help save the pets in Hurricane Harvey. People are risking their lives to rescue Harvey pets, yet some may go to shelters where they may be killed.

As is often the case when talking about animal welfare organizations, there is confusion regarding the relationship between the Houston SPCA and other SPCAs, including the national organization, the ASPCA. While these organizations share the SPCA moniker, they are separate organizations with their own 501(c)(3) designation, boards, leadership, policies and so forth. The Houston SPCA is an independent organization and should not be confused with any other animal welfare organization.

  • Amy Lionberger

    I received this response from the Houston SPCA today.

    The Houston SPCA has been the subject of a vicious and false rumor that claims that we are euthanizing the very animals we are currently rescuing. This is unequivocally false. Our teams on are on the ground working tirelessly to rescue, care for and reunite owners displaced by this catastrophe.

    The mission of the Houston SPCA remains unchanged since 1924: to promote commitment to and respect for all animals and free them from suffering, abuse and exploitation. We all have come together as a community to save countless lives as Harvey’s aftermath continues to plague parts of our city and surrounding areas. We are on the ground, and in boats, searching and rescuing for all animals who are in need, caring for them by our team of vets and working towards reuniting them. Veterinarians throughout Texas will be working with us to foster the thousands of storm victims we anticipate rescuing and bringing to the Houston SPCA.

    Today, we announced a partnership with and Petco Foundation that will help connect Harvey storm victims with their pets through facial recognition technology.

    The Houston SPCA is the first and largest animal protection organization in the Gulf Coast region where we proudly place 100% of our healthy, spayed and neutered animals into loving homes, adoption partners or reputable sanctuaries. We serve our community and surrounding areas with a broad spectrum of services including adoption, education, as well as leading our community in animal cruelty rescues and rehabilitation.

    Stacy Fox
    Director of Donor Engagement
    Houston SPCA
    900 Portway Drive, Houston, TX 77024
    (713) 869-7722 x127, Office
    (713) 553-6873, Mobile

    • jondunn

      This is the canned response that they posted on their Facebook page earlier.

      Amy, Best Friends does not make a decision to call out another organization like this lightly. But when lives are on the line, and offers to help are being refused – and there’s no transparency, we feel we have a duty to act.

      Jon Dunn
      Best Friends Animal Society

      • Kim Michele

        who are they not being ‘transparent’ to? you? from what I’ve gathered from folks on the scene the operation at Ford is up and running…

        • jondunn

          No one is questioning if they’re running the Beaumont effort – they have signed the MOU with Jefferson Co. as the post above states.

          We talked with Ms. Mercer and asked for a written declaration about their intent with the animals they are caring for across coastal Texas and to this point, she still has not agreed to some very basic guarantees for the animals.

          This is not about transparency to Best Friends.

          This about transparency for every pet owner in Texas who is looking for their animal – and every pet-loving member or the public who deserves animal welfare organizations to always act in the best interest of the animals.

      • Amy Lionberger

        I totally agree. Me posting this was not in any way saying BF should not act. I see two different issues. One is the rumor that SPCA was killing dogs onsite. The second issue is getting the SPCA to agree to what is in the BF petition, which I fully support, and signed. There needs to be a distinction between the two.

    • Laura Austin

      If that’s true then what happen to the supplies that were there before the ASPCA took over and where did all the different breed dogs go.. they disappeared into thin air all of a sudden since the ASPCA came in to the Ford Center. We want questions answered ASAP. ie.. Pitbulls, Pinchers etc. and others like that type of breed.

    • Laura Austin

      Well I guess you missed the urgent call from boots on the ground at the Ford Center that there’s corruption going on there from reliable rescuers.. not mentioning names.

      • Amy Lionberger

        I posted the response b/c if these rumors are not quelled it will only hurt the animals. I agree fully with BF being there and helping. I signed the petition created by BF.

  • Melanie Agnello

    People are under such mis beliefs about ASPCA, AND PETA, 1-2% go tot he animals they are killing machines, tear jerker commercial to get your money and out it toward high paying salaries and cooperate jets, took them a week to get there

    • Betsy Hart

      ASPCA and Houston SPCA are not related. As I understand it any organization can use the term SPCA with their name.

    • Laura Austin

      Your absolutely right.. the ASPCA needs to go and now.. they no longer belong in our society.

      • Patty Meehan

        Laura, the HOUSTON SPCA is not affiliated with the ASPCA. The ASPCA is a great organization. They are based in NYC and do work nationally. Anyone can start an organization and add the acronym “spca” to it. It just stands for “society for the prevention of cruelty to animals”. Please do not bash the ASPCA. They are not even part of this conversation.

        • chaplaindl

          Obviously you’ve never heard of Oreo – killed by the ASPCA.

          • Jackie B

            Are you referring to Oreo the pit bull that mauled a shelter Beagle nearly to death?

          • RubyB

            Oreo the put bull was badly abused by her owner and thrown off a roof. Pets Alive! which has a great track record rehabilitating dogs offered to take Oreo, but the NYC ASPCA refused. The ASPCA held Oreo a long time and received a lot of donations because of her. Then they killed her.

          • Jackie B

            Oreo was humanely euthanized after Oreo nearly killed a Beagle , unprovoked. No one was throwing Oreo off of a roof at the time, Oreo was being walked before Oreo mauled the Beagle. I am sick and tired of pit bulls continually being excused when they’ve spontaneously attacked and killed children, the elderly, horses, dogs, cats, goats, ducks, etc., etc. There are so many abused dogs that never so much as growl at anyone — why does this breed receive preferential treatment –it kills more humans than ALL dog breeds combined. It is a breed so vile it needs a LOBBY, what other breed needs a LOBBY?

      • Joey Teixeira

        The ASPCA and Houston SPCA are two separate unrelated organizations

    • Julie Gonzales Fleiser

      PETA is not in the business of shelter animals. Yes, they have a shelter, but they are animal advocates. Who else was there to push for the end of circuses? Who constantly tries to disrupt the fur industry, and has brought attention to the animals used in lab experiments. They are also advocates for farm animals. Nathan Winograd, who makes a lot of money off of bashing the ASPCA and PETA, is mostly to blame for untruths about both organizations. Did you know that the ASPCA is not affiliated with local SPCAs?

      • Caretaker

        PeTA may advocate for farm animals, but appear to believe companion animals are better off dead. Almost all animals that go to their “shelter” are killed, they keep pushing for community cats to be killed and also want pit bull type dogs killed.

        I see there is a PeTA presence involved in flooded areas of Texas. This has me concerned. I hope the animals they have removed are accounted for.

        • Sammie12

          They allow employees to bring their dogs to work. Does that really sound like a group who “believes companion animals are better off dead? People, please. Do your research…

          • Brittany Lynne

            If it were up to PeTA, they would wipe pits off the face of this earth. It’s clear as day on their own website. They want to “save pit bulls” by sterilizing them all and making sure no more are born.

          • Jackie B

            And what is wrong with sterilizing pit bulls? Do you have any idea the magnitude of the pit bull problem?

          • Brittany Lynne

            There’s not a “pit bull problem,” there’s a problem with how people view these dogs & how others mistreat them to CREATE their stereotype of being bad/viscous dogs. Do you understand how wrong you are? To quote you.. “do your research.” Go to a shelter and play with a pit, actually engage with one instead of hiding in fear and believing the false notion that they are bad dogs. They only know what their owners teach them. I happen to think there’s a people problem, should I sterilize you? Ban IGNORANCE not pit bulls.

          • Sammie12

            I would not agree with letting pit bulls become a breed of the past except that we are incapable of protecting them. WE cannot or will not get serious with those who fight these dogs. In my town, they are discovered abused and dying at an alarming rate as old bait dogs or no longer breeding females are tossed out on the side of the road.

          • Caretaker

            I did do research – numerous website pages of PeTA’s some years ago, VDACS, innumerable articles and comments PeTA people post to online newspapers…

            Isn’t that terrific that some employees bring their dogs to work. Do those same people give the lethal injections to numerous other companion animals?

          • Sammie12

            What is YOUR local shelter doing at this very minute. Here’ s a clue… they are putting down dogs. PETA has never claijmed to be no-kill.. they have NEVER been no-kill and indeed they have ideas on that that I don’t agree with. But don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater

      • Play Doh Williams


      • AttilaTheHen

        And, who else partners with domestic terrorist organizations and is watched by the F.B.I.? They advocate for some pretty ridiculous things, too. Their farm animal advocacy includes putting an end to dairy farming, chicken farming for poultry and eggs and on and on. And, you’re right, “PETA is not in the business of shelter animals.” No one is. But there are those who operate private shelters to save the lives of animals, unlike PETA.

      • Betty Peaco Cole

        Yes, but PETA in the Tidewater area of Virginia is well known for their euthanization of dogs. In fact, a family sued them for taking their pet dog off their porch and euthanizng it the same day. PETA didn’t know the family had a security camera showing them removing the dog from their porch. The family won their suit against PETA. So, PETA is not 100% holy than thou.

        • Elaine Bobula

          OMG, so sad. I hadn’t before but won’t donate to PETA again. I had asked them for help for horses in Tennessee but they wouldn’t

        • Sammie12

          I don’t believe they ever claimed to be. IF you don’t want to donate to them, don’t. Find a hard working local rescue and donate to them instead

          • RubyB

            Actually, the PETA employees who stole Maya the Chihuahua off her family’s porch, did LIE about stealing her and immediately killing her. A surveillance camera caught them and PETA still denied it. The owners had to take them to court. The owners won; the evidence that PETA was lying and had stolen and murdered a beloved pet was overwhelming.

      • Marta Weller

        Ingrid Newkirk has stated that no shelter should put pit bulls and other dogs mentioned in BSL up for adoption. She believes they should all be killed. If all shelters followed PeTA’s lead, I would have never met my Becca. She was the sweetest, gentlest dog. I lost her to cancer over a year ago, and I am still in mourning. PeTA also advocates the annihilation of all feral cat colonies, even those closely managed by TNR groups like the colony on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. If PeTA is in Houston, the killing has already begun. Newkirk actively campaigns against no-kill shelters. When the Virginia legislature was considering tighter restrictions on shelters regarding their operations and their euthanasia policies after the Maya incident, PeTA hired a prominent lobbyist to fight it. I wonder if the people who donate their hard-earned dollars to them know that their money may be used against animals?

      • Sammie12

        Thank you! You may not agree with everything PETA does but they have helpee close down some HORRIFIC research facilities

        • Lorraine

          even though PETA gets a lot of crap they opened my eyes. Im vegan and I only buy cruelty free makeup, household cleaners. Im grateful for the resources they provide.

          • Sammie12

            Exactly. No one can watch those videos and not be horrified. they opened my eyes years ago when they put the heat on the primate center in Louisiana.

      • Sammie12

        Julie.. thank you. Who else had the cajones to infilitrate these facilities to get actual footage? ANd it’s far from just farm animals. They forced a reporting by individual enties of how many animals they purchased per year. They deal in accountability…. and i can live with that

        • RubyB

          Mercy for Animals, SHAC, Last Chance for animals have all infiltrated more places than PETA and none of those organizations congratulates animal shelters for killing animals.

    • JustHoldYourHorses

      ASPCA is not a killing machine. Every org has some bad apples. This may be one, but ASPCA actually does a LOT of amazing, lifesaving work for animals. They have helped fund big lifesaving projects for our org.

      • Barb Logan

        This one is an SPCA, not ASPCA. They are not the same.

    • Patty Meehan

      The HOUSTON SPCA is not affiliated with the ASPCA. The ASPCA is a great organization. They are based in NYC and do work nationally. Anyone can start an organization and add the acronym “spca” to it. It just stands for “society for the prevention of cruelty to animals”. Please do not bash the ASPCA. They are not even part of this conversation.

      • RubyB

        See My comment above about Oreo and the NYC ASPCA.

        Oreo the put bull was badly abused by her owner and thrown off a roof.
        Pets Alive! which has a great track record rehabilitating dogs offered
        to take Oreo, but the NYC ASPCA refused. The ASPCA held Oreo a long
        time and received a lot of donations because of her. Then they killed

  • Kelly Goodwin

    Best Friends,
    Signed – They need to get to the news media on this ASAP.
    Get to Fox, Weather Channel, ABC & CBS. All of these stations had reporters who assisted with rescuing animals.
    Send Twitter messages to the TX Gov., Senators & to to Pres. Trump.
    Does someone know how to reach this rescue?

    • Laura Austin

      If everyone decides to send info to Fox, make sure you send to all media outlets not just to one. This way they’ll all be on the same page to what is really happening there now. On your mark get set GO. Don’t leave out the Huffington Post either.. thank you all

  • Kim Michele

    Wow. so disappointed in you BF. Starting this up when efforts are needed in helping animals. From everything I’ve seen by folks on the ground when the Houston SPCA was ASKED to step in by the county, they’ve been doing a great job in organizing these rescue efforts. I would hope to expect more of your organization than feeding the rumor mill.

    • jondunn


      As we clearly state, we offered to help, and we were turned away by the Houston SPCA. This isn’t about feeding the “rumor mill,” this is based on the *actual* conversations we had with Ms. Mercer yesterday and today.

      We continue to hear from people on the ground in Beaumont that animals are in being euthanized for “behavioral issues,” which is why we’re asking the Houston SPCA to be transparent and accountable for the work they are doing. There’s one way to clear this up – for the Houston SPCA to open the door and show the world what they are doing.

      Jon Dunn
      Best Friends Animal Society

      • Facebook User

        Could you please explain to people that you are not talking about ASPCA here?

      • Laura Austin

        Yea absolutely right about being transparent to the public. Also those poor animals have been through a horrible ordeal in that flood.. I’m sure their stressed and showing signs of behavioral issues.. if we were them I’m sure we would display issues as well. God please help your animals they need you more then ever now.

      • Kim Michele

        Jon, I have seen multiple reports from folks who were there prior to Houston SPCA being called in and still are and they have all stated that they have not seen any animals being euthanized. There are multiple organizations there as well as volunteers, the national guard, etc. so it isn’t like they are operating off under cover somewhere.
        I’m really curious, other than turning operations over to BF what exactly would satisfy you regarding ‘transparency’?

        • Nanci Smith

          Kim Michele, I also have seen interviews with people that were there prior to the Houston SPCA being called in. They have been ordered off the premises by HSPCA. The representative for HSPCA also said he had enough people on the ground and did not need any help. I would think that all “organized” help would be welcome.

        • jondunn

          Kim – please read the post above again, particularly the bullet points. Those are the policy related issues that we’d like to see the HSPCA commit to, and provide transparency that they are in fact holding to it.

    • Spam Catcher

      Kim, your comment is disappointing. Blind loyalty is a huge problem and in this case, is excusing reprehensible behavior that is possibly responsible for the death of a lot of innocent animals, including people’s pets. To the other commenter, the Houston SPCA is not affiliated with the ASPCA and is a completely separate entity. It is a common misconception for people to believe that all SPCA’s fall under the ASPCA, but they do not, nor are they sister organizations.

      • Laura Austin

        Then maybe they should drop the SPCA association and make it Houston Animal Shelter instead. That might clear the air for the most part for us.. it’s that simple. If they don’t then they get what they ask for continued disapproval from everyone.

      • Kim Michele

        What are you talking about? I don’t have ‘blind’ loyalty to anyone. I have nothing vested in Houston SPCA and if I thought they were at fault, I’d be the first to say so. But by all accounts they aren’t.

    • Sharon Meck Hopkins

      I support Best Friends and instead of worrying about your organization, your concern should be the animals!

    • Laura Austin

      What for exposing the truth of the matter with everyone. We The People are grateful for their truthfulness and it’s about time it’s finally out in the open after all the years that the ASPCA has ripped so many innocent folks off that have compassion and love for god’s animals. I think your wrong Kim for trying to defend their corruption… period.

      • Barb Logan

        it’s not the ASPCA, it’s SPCA – 2 different entities. This one is HSPCA

      • Kim Michele

        there is no evidence of corruption in this operation, from every credible account i’ve seen from people who are there. i don’t beleive something just b/c it’s posted online.

    • Steve Christine Haslet

      There are too many people coming forward who are actually at the Ford Center in Houston, with the same stories. This situation needs to be INVESTIGATED, not covered up. Houston SPCA has been aggressive with the volunteers and rescues who were there long before they arrived.

    • Anita Justus

      Tell us what is happening between 8pm and 8am and the reasoning behind forcing volunteers to leave during those times? This a 24/7 emergency that doesn’t have regular hours. By closing the doors 12 hours a day I guess that makes less animals you have to take in since a lot won’t make it until the next day. Would you shut down a hospital and tell people needing medical attention to come back tomorrow? And if you’re running the show down there, get some fucking fans on those animals.

  • Linda Yoskowitz

    Please pass this information that you posted here along to all the authentic news organization. I think they may think differently if they get pressure from the public as well as government agencies. Most people believe rescuing & reuniting animals during a disaster like this is right up there with the importance of rescuing & reuniting people.

  • I side with the effort to separate the SPCA from Houston, but I am not at all in favor of the pets being returned to their PREVIOUS “owners”. I am sure there are exception, but I see it as abject apathy that they left them behind. Why should the animals go back to the people that left them behind to die? That is very cruel.

    • Laura Austin

      agree 100 % with you

    • Laura Austin

      Actually I have mixed emotion about that, I agree they most likely shouldn’t be returned to owners who left them for dead. On the same token they all need homes and not sure in all realty if majority of folks would be able to adopt or foster most of them due to the over population of pets that are in the USA.

      • RubyB

        Many people were not allowed to take their animals. There was a law passed after Katrina, but it only applies to public rescue agencies. It does not apply to private organizations.

  • Nancy

    I hope you are still in Beaumont helping all of the animals. Thank you.

  • Beverly Benson

    Save all of them!

  • Denise Frempter

    No killing pets that do not belong to you. Try to reunite…microchip check, tags, or adoption if last resort.

    • The ASPCA SPCA has no ownership of any of those lost Animal’s in Tx …

  • Eddie Mah

    And also demand SPCA to go vegan. They practice speciesism when they turn a blind eye to the plight of other animals like chickens and pgs and eat them.

    • Susan Brummett

      Have you heard of a little thing called the U.S. Constitution? Demanding that they become vegan is unconstitutional and there are bigger concerns like destroying the innocent victims of Harvey. BTW, I’m not a vegan, love my yogurt, and I don’t use products with animal byproduct in it. I have been a vegetarian for nearly 50 yrs.

  • Anita

    I donate monthly to Best Friends because of their work in the Katrina hurricane and with Vick dogs and they are a loving caring animal group and they are honest please contact SPCA to demand they listen

  • Donna

    Thank you so much for confirming what others have been saying. You do fantastic work and hopefully your petition will help make these people accountable for all the wrong they are doing!

  • Dan Fishbein

    I did sign the petition, and also sent national ASPCA a FB message. ASPCA chapters do some good work, and I would hesitate to condemn all. But they need to intervene in this situation–to save animals, and their reputation. BF does not go looking for fights, which is one reason
    I’ve been a strong supporter. My only other comment is that this blog post was not signed, as I think the others have been. I would have recommended that.

    • Tim Molina

      ASPCA and Houston SPCA have no affiliation. Essentially the ASPCA is the SPCA of NYC

    • Trish

      Hi Dan! Maggie says “woof” too!

      The Houston SPCA is not a chapter of the ASPCA. I worked for the ASPCA for many years. They have one shelter in NYC, but work on many other animal welfare and sheltering issues nationally. (My dog, Theodore, and my horse, Joey, are from large ASPCA cruelty cases.) “SPCA” is a general term, like “Humane Society,” and can be used by any group running a shelter.

      The ASPCA’s disaster response team is also on the ground helping animals in Texas and Louisiana right now though. There are a lot of people doing amazing work to help animals right now, I’d love us to all just pull together and help these poor animals.

  • Doreen Wos

    We along with several other rescue groups from Chicago area are down there with boots on. So sad that Best Friends’ wonderful set up and efforts down there are being tossed to the side. All our volunteers said Best Friends were doing great with everything and it was a pleasure to work with them.

  • meowbeads

    I shared this. This goes against everything I “trust” in the ASPCA for. I don’t understand. I feel duped. I feel betrayed. I am so angry. I am so upset. But I wonder if I am not alone in this: I feel helpless, because I do not have the funds to donate, either. I just know right from wrong.

    • Facebook User

      The ASPCA and Houston SPCA are not the same organization.

      • Julie Gonzales Fleiser

        Exactly! ASPCA and SPCA are not affiliated. I’m sorry, but without local SPCAs, people who surrender their unwanted, unloved, abused, neglected, sick, or senior pets, will end up dumping them on the side of the road, or worse, Is Best Friends going to open shelters in every town that has an SPCA and take these animals?

        • Chelsey Condie

          If they would commit to being “no-kill” there wouldn’t be an issue. At least if they are dumped they have a chance at a life or being rescued, instead of euthanized for no fault of their own.

      • Laura Austin

        I pray to god that seeing the Houston SPCA are not the same organization will make sure the rescue animals will be taken care of the proper way.. We The People say No To Animals being Euthanized

      • animalauthor

        Exactly. People are under misconception that ASPCA (national organization with big bucks) funds regional SPCAs. This is incorrect (I wrote a book on ASPCA’s founder Henry Bergh, who would be livid if he saw how ASPCA spends its money on over-inflated salaries for top honchos). Local SPCAs rely on generous contributions from their communities.

        • Nancy McDavid Hagan


          • animalauthor

            The SPCA I volunteer for is no-kill, but many SPCAs have an overflow of unwanted animals that they are forced to euthanize. The key is spay/neuter plus adopt don’t shop.

      • meowbeads

        Thank you for replying to me.

    • disqus_9ZpRWEs5Ht

      Step back ASPCA and let the people who CARE about animals take over.

      • Derek

        Says a Veterinarian who knows what is in the medical best interest for all animals?

      • Joey Teixeira

        ASPCA is not the same as HOUSTON SPCA – two completely unrelated organizations

  • Carolyn Stefanacci

    This is outrageous! How can we get media to broadcast this? And what kind of person turns down any help, much less that of Best Friends, when help is sorely needed? ?

    • Steve Christine Haslet

      We contacted Anderson Cooper at CNN to do an investigation. I hope they will follow up. If they don’t have anything to hide, they should mind the opportunity to tell their side, right?

    • Barb Logan

      The kind of person Patti Mercer is. She must be hiding a lot to have turned down Best Friends!

      • Jerri Miller


    • Kay Sullivan

      I would think it would help to contact the media.

    • Gayle

      WHO does this Patti Mercer answer to. she is Pres but what board would be able to over ride her stupid decision regarding her refusing help. geez what kind of animal hater is she

  • Michelle Morgan Fugate

    Please get this public,, on the news so people know the truth…killing Pitbulls for no reason oh this angers me… people must know the truth about this organization.. they were never really appointed to where they have taken over, listened to an interview earlier it was the guys friend not anyone in a head position…

    • Laura Austin

      It angers everyone who cares and loves all animals

  • Francine from Texas

    Thank you Best Friends for confirming what is really going on at the Ford Center in Beaumont. We didn’t want to believe the rumors but now that Best Friends has been turned away, the situation is clearly critical. Local officials need to rescind their memo of understanding with the Houston SPCA immediately.

    • animallovernokids

      There is a video on HoustonSPCA. They explain after the 30days are up a different Houston shelter takes the unclaimed. That’s where they were murdered. The video is on Facebook. Watch it. HSPCA has a contract with this shelter. I sent my request to them earlier to turn the animals over to Best Friends.

      • Rose

        FYI the video has been reviewed by an attorney and the statements are NOT binding. This is nothing for us to hang on. The MOU needs to surface.

      • RubyB

        Please share a link. There are lots of videos on the HoustonSPCA and I cannot find the one you are talking about.

  • HH

    Does anyone know any media contacts who could report on this? Often public and media pressure gets the best results of accountability.

    • Laura Austin

      Start calling and writing to the newspapers, your local reps and media in you city and state… immediately. You can even do your own petition directed to you Reps – Federal and Senate and Law officials and start a animal march in your city in front of city hall and the capital in your state too. Best of luck saving all lives that matter. That’s what we’ve been doing in NYS. God bless

    • felicia mabrey

      Google (New times News ) it is a local paper here in Phoenix Arizona look at it and see if you have one like it in your state These guys don’t back down from things like the large media outlets they tend to march to the beat of their own drums don’t give up

  • Teresa Kos

    I demand we see all the documents from SPCA on the animals that were taken in by them during this disaster of Hurricane Harvey and where they went to,,,,Any donations during this time and what it was spent on, why they were taking the equipment and other things from other rescues that DID NOT BELONG TO THEM,,,All pitts that were taken in and where they went as it is being told they are killing all pitts, show us your documents if you have nothing to hide,,,,Everyone if you want to donate to a rescue find a legit rescue there and donate to them,,,,

    • Rose

      THE MOU between Jefferson County and HSPCA/ASPCA need to come to light — Jefferson County supplied terms to the agreement and likely even payment. Keep in mind there are two guilty parties.

  • Greg Singh

    This means they’re getting donations under false pretext. I wonder if this is illegal.

    • becompassionate

      Sounds like it to me.

    • Laura Austin

      Everyone should contact their general attorney in your state and make a former complaint against them for fraud.

    • Steve Christine Haslet


    • Gayle

      it would depend on their mission statement for their non profit status.

  • Bette Lewis

    I would love to see this org. out of business due to the murdering of these poor scared animals!!! Rescues are there to rescue these animals not cull them!!!! They need to go!!!

  • Bailey Nielsen

    SPCA and PETA – heartless murderers!

  • Rickysgirl

    Patti Mercer should ne exposed for her cruelness during this tragedy. for some folks, their pets may be ALL they have left.

  • Rusty Clemans

    obviously Patti Mercer is not an animal lover. What is she doing in the position of president for the Houston SPCA?

    • Antzptown

      Perhaps her salary of $250,000+ has something to do with it?
      Techs who actually care for the animals make $10 per hour. Just checked their tax return. Collected over 7 mil in donation last year:( Why oh why do we constantly value the WRONG people??

      • Laura Austin

        I heard about how crooked the ASPCA is and haven’t donated a single cent to them… ever period. I donated to my local shelter and rescue groups instead and hopefully everyone else will do the same. We got to knock these crooks out of Society where they don’t belong. Their only lining their pockets while our animals suffer and die.

        • Patty Meehan

          Laura, this has NOTHING to do with the ASPCA. This is about the HOUSTON SPCA. Completely different organization.

          • Holly Eckert

            Both are corrupt!

    • Laura Austin

      Yea majority of us want to know the same answer about Patti Mercer who’s a animal HATER.

    • Beth Camden-Begione

      She must be removed. They clearly need new compassionate leadership. Who are her bosses? Who does she report to? Who can tell me this? Besides Best Friends, Southern Paws has also terminated they’re rescue relationship with HSPCA. We need to compile a list of Rescues and include that in a letter to the board or who Patty Mercer reports to. If anyone knows please repond. Lets start writing letters and calling demanding her removal of leadership!

      • Holly Eckert

        What about your city council? Start a petition to have her removed and replaced and demand accountability for money received from donations.

        • NoKillHouston

          Just FYI: The mayor and city council are not over the Houston SPCA. It is a privately funded “non-profit”. The people who could oust Patty Mercer is the HSPCA board of directors. I talked to a former VP there. She said she was never allowed to go to board meetings or even talk to the board. Mercer makes sure that employees do not talk to the board so that the board does not hear about everything that is going on behind closed doors.