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The real war on cats

Free-roaming and ear-tipped brown tabby catA soon-to-be-released book advocates the unrestrained killing of all free-roaming cats — pets, strays, community cats — all of them.

Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer, which goes on sale September 13, unabashedly advocates what amounts to felony animal cruelty with a call for the removal of all free-roaming cats “by any means necessary.” As noted by respected ethologist Marc Bekhoff, Ph.D., in a recent Psychology Today article, by any means necessary could allow for poisoning, bludgeoning, trapping, shooting — you name it.

The rationale for the irrational advocacy of killing by the book’s authors, Dr. Peter Marra and Chris Santella, is the assertion that cats constitute an existential threat to small birds and other small wildlife species. However, other than in confined ecosystems, such as small islands, there is simply no evidence that cats comprise an existential threat to any species.

Dr. Marra, head of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and co-author of a well-publicized 2013 paper estimating predation levels attributed to outdoor cats, is no stranger to hype and hysteria. In this earlier work, Marra & Co. methodically compiled previous studies, most of which had long been debunked. An author of one of these studies explicitly stated that his work should not be generalized to all free-roaming cats.

Never mind, it was full speed ahead as Marra & Co. happily proceeded to generalize and conclude that free-roaming cats in the United States kill billions of small birds every year — more birds than even exist, according to the best estimates. No other realm of science would allow researchers to be so arrogant as to draw such inflammatory conclusions from such flimsy data.

I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychoanalyst, but I occasionally play one in this blog, much as Dr. Marra plays a dispassionate researcher in his book. Marra’s bloodthirsty call for cat killing seems to reflect more than scientific observation. And, while he has claimed in the past that he loves cats, he has a strange way of showing it. His “by any means necessary” call to action seems to be aimed at those who suffer from ailurophobia, a recognized psychological condition pertaining to someone who has an irrational and uncontrollable hatred or fear of cats.

That profile seems to fit the most adamant advocates of the kill-them-all, anti-cat crowd, so get ready for a proliferation of press releases lauding Cat Wars from organizations such as the American Bird Conservancy.

Predictably, Dr. Marra flips the bird to trap-neuter-return (TNR) and other humane cat management policies, but like all opponents to such programs, he fails to offer a workable alternative. The wholesale killing of America’s most favorite pet species certainly is not a workable solution.

Whatever the problem, I would hope that we have learned that more killing is never the answer.

Together, we will Save Them All.

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Francis Battista
Best Friends Animal Society

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  • RUS Dogs

    What an ignorant author…wow.

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  • Bounty_Hunter

    You can delete, deny, and ignore this post all you want (though it won’t be denied, deleted, nor ignored in all the other hundreds of places that it’s already been posted). Because no matter how much you do deny, delete, and ignore it’s not going to make it any less true — nor make you any less of the blatantly manipulative and deceptive scam-artist LIARS that everyone already now knows you to be. Enjoy!

    Here is glaring proof of how, as mentally-deficient cat-hoarders so often and mindlessly respew, “Trap-Neuter-Release is the most effective means of managing feral cat populations. In fact, it is the only proven way to do so.”

    The residents of the UK who invented TNR in the 1950’s have been relentlessly practicing that failed ideology NATIONWIDE for over 60 years now. And all they have managed to do with TNR is DOUBLE their vermin cat populations — from 4.1 million vermin cats in 1965 to 7.9 million vermin cats in 2014. And to help, all this time they are still killing them in shelters and legally shooting them to death in rural areas under their animal depredation-control laws. By foolishly hoping and praying that their very own TNR concept will reduce vermin cat populations someday they have now even driven their one and only NATIVE cat species to extinction with their invasive-species vermin “moggies” (feral house-cats) — with less than 35 “Scottish Wildcats” left in the whole world. (Along with 421 other species that they have already made extinct in the UK in the last 200 years — OVER TWO SPECIES PER YEAR GONE FOREVER just due to British cultural beliefs, practices, and values.) All the while they still insist that practicing their failed TNR policies will still save their “Scottish Wildcat” from being wiped from the earth forever. You can kiss their “Scottish Wildcat” good-bye too now. (Laughably ironic if it weren’t so pathetically, globally, and permanently sad. The population of the UK have made themselves into the ecological-laughingstocks of the whole world.)

    Nice plan. TNR sure does work, doesn’t it!

    You know that saying about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The British have proved the failure of their vermin cat-insanity for over 60 years now. You too can be just as ecologically destructive, ignorant, and just as insane as the inbred mentalities of the Toxoplasma gondii brain-damaged moggie-licking British by practicing and promoting their failed-belief in their TNR concept! 🙂

    Here too are some wonderful quotes from an article published by your most revered TNR promoters — the very “scientists” that TNR cat-lickers always quote out of context to try to support their TNR insanity. Read it and weep (and then quit spreading your ecosystem-destroying LIES):

    “‘virtually no information exists to support the contention that neutering is an effective long-term method for controlling free-roaming cat populations.’ ‘free-roaming cats do not appear to have sufficient territorial activity to prevent new arrivals from permanently joining colonies.'”

    Levy, Julie K., David W. Gale, and Leslie A. Gale. Evaluation of the Effect of a Long-Term Trap-Neuter-Return and Adoption Program on a Free-Roaming Cat Population. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 2003, 222(1): 42-46.

    Now explain to the whole world why you have been lying to them (and yourself) all your sad sorry cat-licking life.


    Here’s a good site for you to dream about at night. It shows how your “loving and humane” euthanasia by “TNR attrition” works to reduce cat populations by your supporting, promoting, and practicing TNR. A wonderful compendium of pages and pages of photographs and articles on how you truly help anyone’s unwanted and expendable vermin garbage-cats.

    realoutdoorcats . tumblr . com /
    (remove all spaces from obfuscated-for-posting URL)

    Enjoy!!! 🙂

    After you view all the photos and read all the articles on that site, come back and tell us all about that concept of “humane” that you use when promoting TNR and how much that you truly love cats. 🙂 This should be fun! I wonder how many of your and your friends’ cats ended-up photographed on that site, all due to you telling them to practice TNR. I hope all your TNR friends come back and tell you how wonderful they think you are now (with an axe). 🙂

    • Dawn Nelson

      Well, you surely are misinformed, as well as, I believe most who will read your absurdities will label you as a negative, loud mouthed jerk who probably rants and raves at everything they read that has a comment box attached to it. Go/away and leave this site untouched by your rankings. We don’t need you here!!

  • Scott Giacoppo

    There are so many points in this book that just don’t add up but yet the author declares that “battle lines are being drawn” I fear groups like ABC will use this to advance their agenda in the legislative arena across the country. This is a time for advocates of responsible community cat management to come together and work together to ensure the protection of cats living outdoors.

  • Kim Vallejo

    What a sadistic cur. Remember, serial killers start out this way

    • HajjFredHMinshall

      Actually, that’s an urban myth. No demonstrable connection has been shown between compulsive animal abuse and either serial killers or mass-murderers. In fact one of the last century’s greatest mass murderers was an early ‘animal welfare activist’. When he and his followers came to power as the Third Reich, they formulated the most comprehensive animal protection legislation of any western nation at the time. Medical experimentation on animals was prohibited. After all, there were plenty of Jews and Gypsies.