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A life-changing experience

Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets National Conference will not only change your life, it will also help you save the lives of countless shelter pets. But I don’t need to tell you just how inspiring the conference is — check out this video to hear from other conference attendees and see for yourself.

This year’s gathering at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, October 25th to 28th, will present the most complete life-saving information for individuals and organizations at every stage of evolution on the road to no-kill.

Special focus will be given to those leaders who have led their communities to no-kill in every setting, from totally rural to urban. There will be a lineup of more than 75 speakers and nearly 50 workshop sessions all designed to give you the tips, tools and inspiration to make a difference for the animals.

This is an opportunity to learn from those who have overcome the challenges that you face to accomplish great things for shelter pets.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up at the early-bird rate of just $275 — that’s $50 off the regular fee. But you need to register by September 19th when the early-bird registration expires.


Julie Castle


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  • Patty Bachman

    I just saw something on tv that really upset me. this owner had his dogg up on a mountain and the dog became injured. He had someone else he was responsible for so he left the dog up on the mountain. Now most people would find some way to get back up that mountain to get the dog but this owner abandoned the dog up there after several days some other people found the dog. They could not rescue the dog at the time. They left some water and went down the mountain and begged anyone that would listen to help rescue the dog, and they did. Now after all this the original owner hears that the dog has been rescued and requests to have the dog Back. Now the owner was charged with animal cruelty and has decided to give the dog to the rescuers. Now I think that the law for abandonment should be much more srict. I have heard that it is just a fine. Most people will just say well ,if I get caught I will pay the fine oh well. I think poeple should have to spend some time in jail if they abandon their animals. This is a big problem people just leave animals behind instead of taking it to animal control or a rescue group. When animals are left behind most suffer in some way and some more than others. I think if peoples lives were interrupted when they get caught they would think before leaving a pet behind. I could be wrong but that is just my opinion. Patty

    • Roger J

      The bible says an eye for an eye so the owners should reap the same punishment that they put on their helpless animal.

  • seeker

    I need information on organizations that are supportive of Best Friends in Houston, Texas. I am looking for opportunities to support Best Friends here in Houston.

  • While I would love to attend this, I will not be able to this year but wanted to state that I have watched Julie Castle’s closing speech from the 2010 conference several times, it along with my visit to Best Friends in 2010 have been incredibly inspiring to me over the past 2 years!