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PETA’s at it again

In a letter to the mayor of Albuquerque, PETA asserted that city employees are guilty of illegally abandoning animals. This is on the heels of Best Friends partnering with the city of Albuquerque in an exciting new community cat project that will save thousands of cats’ lives.

PETA is concerned that the city’s practice of neutering community cats and handing them over to rescue groups to be returned to the area where they were trapped poses an unacceptable risk to the cats’ well-being. This from an organization that, in February of this year, staunchly defended the fact that in 2011 they killed 95 percent of the animals who had the misfortune of entering their Virginia headquarters, and they did so with a degree of pride. Perhaps it was simply pride in their efficiency at killing homeless pets since it was reported that 84 percent were killed within the first 24 hours, presumably with little or no effort to find them adoptive homes or provide needed veterinary care.

So by PETA’s self-referenced logic, adult cats who have demonstrated the ability to thrive in the community are better off dead than being fixed and returned to the same location where they were thriving, even though they can no longer reproduce.

What are they thinking?

Is it this? “Hey, kitty kitty, it’s way too dangerous for you out here where you’ve been living for years, so we’re going to take charge of your tiny, tragic, risk-filled life, and, well, we’re going to put an end to all that stress that you thought was a life. All of your worries will be over. Yes, kitty, we’re going to kill you.”

If this isn’t the height of anthropomorphic arrogance, I don’t know what is!

How afraid of risk does one have to get to come to the conclusion that killing cats and kittens to protect them from life is a good idea?

PETA has long promoted the notion that when it comes to shelter animals and strays, killing is kindness. That’s the ethic behind their opposition to the no-kill movement, adoption of pit bull terriers from shelters, and community cat colonies of any type. It is why we cannot remain silent as PETA actively works to sabotage progressive lifesaving programs across the United States.

The next time you hear PETA proclaim that killing is kindness, I hope you hear their real message — life is too risky to be lived.


Francis Battista
Co-Founder, Best Friends Animal Society

  • Poppy

    For the PETA supporters, you may think this about feral colonies but how can you support all of the companion pets (most of them healthy and adoptable) coming into their facility were killed without searching for homes?

  • Ro_gauthier

    wonder what there stance would be to unmarried pregnant woman.
    if they get to far, where they have government support. wonder what they would whisper into the ears of our officials. 

  • Linda

    Right on, Best Friends.  I have cared for a feral colony in Albuquerque for several years.  All my ferals have been neutered thanks to the TNR program of New Mexico Animal Friends.  They have food, water, and outside shelters for cold weather.  Frankly, they are living better than many homeless humans.  They seem to be happy, but then perhaps they have not read PETA’s facts about how miserable they are. 

  • …cb

    A divided house cannot stand. There are plenty of anti-animal organizations to take your pent up wrath out on.  I am not a PETA member.  I am not a Best Friends No Kill enthusiast, either.  I love animals, and this disagreement is ultimately hurtful to animals.  Get over it, and work hard in what you believe in.  Do not spend another moment on criticism of other animal rights groups.  Take a deep breath and enjoy your life.

    • Marksdcd

      I disagree-these articles should be printed so that people know exactly what they are supporting-what the truth is about groups such as this PETA. I’ll bet a lot of people did not know these things about PETA regarding companion animals and feral/stray cats as well as the pit bulls until recently when the printed stories came to light. People should know.

    • Gato Gordo’s Mom

      cb, I don’t know how people can “love animals” and wholesale kill them, such as PETA.  It’s good that folks are finding out what PETA really is.  My daughter was duped by them for years; fortunately she finally figured them out……

    • Newkirk wants to get rid of ALL domesticated animals and she wants the human race to go next. Her own words. Extinction of domestic animals and humans is not PETA’s choice to make. Now they are promoting clone meat and buying up Monsanto stock. Scary, the people who want us dead teamed up with the people who are involved in almost every aspect of the current food supply. They have even forgiven the Monsanto animal experimentation as long as the board promised to consider stopping at a later date…. Pretty questionable I do think.

    •  From what I can see, stop PETA and we save all humans and all the pets they want to kill. By deciding to be killers they are NOT an animal rights organization any more. Any good they do (or ever did) is negated by the evil.

    • Susan

      PeTA has been getting away with their illegal activities and warped messages.  Yes, it is ok to disagree, as long as you don’t say anything against PeTa. They will send their goons after you next. Their mission is to destroy, shock and awe. They would rather see other rescue groups fail in their goal to save lives because of their extremist views.

  • Thank you. TNR is the only humane option for our community/feral cats in New Mexico. PETA
    will not stop our Albuquerque Pets Alive! efforts to make Albuquerque America’s No Kill city. That’s a
    promise we can make to our pet guardians, our pets, our community cats,
    ABQ tax-payers and to our friends, ABQ Team and supporters.

  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Francis!

  • I’M SO FED UP WITH THIS FIGHT BETWEEN BEST FRIENDS AND PETA!!! Get over yourselves. I’m completely against killing animals, and also CONVINCED by PETA’s argument that the universal no-kill people are proposing a policy and project without any sustainable or feasible way of ushering it in.  It’s quite clear to me that setting up one or two or three no-kill shelters in a community simply concentrates killing in other shelters–perhaps run by PETA. Universal no-kill is simultaneously a beautiful vision and a completely naive policy–to mention PETA’s exterminations without coupling that fact with their sterilization figures is completely dishonest, rude, gross and–uh, I am so angry.  This is the last straw.  I’ve completely lost the last shred of respect for Best Friends over this ongoing and nauseating debate, and I don’t count myself as an ardent PETA supporter either (I hate their sexist ads, for example).  Again, get over yourselves. I feel like Best Friends engages in this debate really dishonestly, playing the soft nicey-nicey roll because no one wants to kill animals–without really presenting a clear and cogen picture for a universal no-kill world. Being a no-kill shelter in a world that is not universal no-kill is, well, selfish. And to pretend like those who do your killing for you are evil is just gross and rude.

    • Jon Dunn


      The fact is, there are now 31 communities across the country who are entirely no-kill. It’s not just a philosophy that can be disagreed with – it’s fact. 

      This blog was written because Peta attempted to undermine our efforts to partner with the city of Albuquerque. Are you suggesting that we don’t have the right to defend our programs?

      • Jon, I think that universal no-kill is a possibility, and the potential for it exists in some communities more than others.  But it’s also a grandiose project that is going to take a lot of comprises in the meantime.  I’d like to see a universal no-kill policy plan for America’s most impoverished communities that have poor tax bases and low community engagement–if you can convince me that universal no-kill can be done even there within a year or two, then you will have done a lot to convince me.

        • AlleyCatAllies has a great deal of the research-based evidence you are asking for regarding the lives of ferals when returned to their original habitats; what appears missing from much of this conversation is that wherever and whenever possible returned cats are not just “dumped” back out into the community or neighbourhood but actually cared for on a long term basis in managed colonies with caretakers.

        • Roba3

          YOU ARE THE MOST INTELLIGENT PERSON and your comments are EXCELLENT! Maybe Mr. Battista would like to accompany me on my weekly trips to poor neighborhoods in Baltimore to pick up cats for low cost/subsidized s/n surgeries from poor cat owners who contacted me because they don’t have transportation or carriers to do so themselves and see for himself the dozens of cats roaming in alleys in the trash,where pitbulls kill them,and people set them on fire, in a city with an estimated 185,000 free roaming cats when it  passed its TNR ordinance four years ago (with Alley Cat Allies’ “expert” testimony that TNR “works”), and became “no kill” six years ago by handing out to any person group, foster or farm intact cats to decrease its euthanasia rates,cut hours of operation to decrease impoundment rates,where abandonment is the method of choice by poor cat owners because animal control cut  services and does not pick them up any longer,and maybe Mr. Battista can also tell me who will pay the $40-60/cat and WHO will do the TNR. He also needs to tell me WHO will pay for for the cats after offering free/subsidized s/n to every cat owner in the neighborhood whose cat STILL lives inside! TNR is a superficial aproach to the tragedy of overpopulation and abandonment and the “rescue,no kill and adoption,TNR”  movement only exploits and perpetuates it. After more than 15 years of it,shelters are full,countless “rescues”and shelters are begging to “adopt”.I am certain that many cats would prefer to be euthanized instead slowly dying in a hoarder’s home or in an alley,or maybe they would have preferred NOT TO BE BORN IN THE FIRST PLACE!  Read Peter Marsh,NH, visit TNR reality check, and take it from ME who has been in the trenches for 10 years.

      • Furthermore, if we really want universal no-kill–and I’d love to see it–we have to focus our energies on sterilization–whether or not we are killing or not killing today is so much more minor than a conversation about working together to spay and neuter.

      • Absolutely I want you to defend your programs, but even more absolutely I want you to be honest.  I feel it is a grand lie by omission to mention PETA’s kill statistics without presenting sterilization information.  I kind of like the program that you have laid out in this blog post: what I don’t like is that you make your argument all about PETA (and do so dishonestly), rather than debating PETA’s ideas.

      • Absolutely I want you to defend your programs, but even more absolutely I want you to be honest.  I feel it is a grand lie by omission to mention PETA’s kill statistics without presenting sterilization information.  I kind of like the program that you have laid out in this blog post: what I don’t like is that you make your argument all about PETA (and do so dishonestly), rather than debating PETA’s ideas.

      • For example, your post goes from, “PETA is concerned… [this plan] poses an unacceptable risk to the cats’ well-being.”  And then instead of telling the reader WHY this may pose risks to cats well-being and humbly why you disagree, instead you launch into a completely unrelated ad hominem attack that leaves behind the real facts of this debate and anyway for the reader to assess the merits of either yours or PETAs claims. Nauseating.

      • So, now I’ve read two other sources on this topic and I’m only now beginning to understand the debate.  PETA claims that “abandoning” the cats back the streets places them at risk for a brutal life of depravity and violence and as such, it might better to kill them.  Rough argument.  Best Friends and the others argue that a potential life of depravity and violence is still only a potential, and represents also a potential for a beautiful homeless kitty-cat life on the street. Well, to me, this is a question of FACT most primarily.  Can anyone point me to peer-reviewed studies that looked at the life of these released/abandoned cats?  Can’t we collar them and derive some valid statistical conclusions about what life is really like for them? My bias, my gut, is with PETA: I’ve lived around feral cats and their lives appear very depraved and violent.  Does that mean they should be killed?  I’m not sure–but I can tell you that I’m extremely turned off by any debater who tries to pretend this is an easy debate with good guys and bad guys, and not a really difficult philosophical problem made all the more difficult by a lack of real data of the reality on the ground. 

        • Lisa B

          So why do you even think you should get to decide, empirically or not, whether a cat’s life is worth living? Do I get to decide whether YOUR live is worth living or not?

          • Lisa B, your question is an important, but tangential and theoretical one.  The fact is that circumstance has put us–humans–in a position of deciding.  I’m not comfortable with that position, but here we are. We have created a structure, a world, in which we either kill unwanted animals or let them struggle to survive in the unnatural environments we constructed around them. In reference to Faith above to asks that we not misuse the word “euthanasia”…some level of violence and depravity “makes living one’s life a burden,” and I suppose everyone has their own unique line there on how much depravity and violence is sufficient to justify use of the word euthanasia over “kill.” If these cats are well cared for after they are released as some commenters suggest–then I am all for a program like this.  But I have to say, that if feral cats are sterilized and then returned to the feral lives that I have personally witnessed, then I’ll say I’m very open to PETA’s argument that killing the animal may make sense.  Releasing a cat to depravity and violence–followed eventually by death, of course–can quickly become morally inferior to ending the cat’s life before it experiences more depravity and violence.  I would like to see the tracking data from Alley Cat Allies mentioned above or any other rigorous data–I looked quickly at their site but didn’t see anything that looked like a peer-reviewed (or peer-review calibre) report. 

        • Jeanne

          Jesse, the problems w/ PETA go beyond TNR programs for feral cats. 
          You are aware they operate a “shelter” and have euthanized 97% of the animals that have come into their “care” with out PETA trying for a moment to rehome the animals (this article says 95% – they are being kind).
          You are aware of the PETA “rescuers” that went weekly to a NC shelter to “rescue” animals and while one person drove to a shopping center a few hours away, the other person was in the back of the van euthanizing the animals they had just “rescued”.
          You are also aware that PETA not only supports BSL but they want all pit bulls euthanized w/out an option of adoption?
          You are aware that PETA doesn’t even want YOU to own a dog?  Per PETA, we alter the dog’s behavior (thank goodness we do!)
          PETA is simply insane and full of their own ego.  How, Jesse, do you rationalize these things that PETA supports?

          • Jeane, I’m not going to debate you on all these things as I think I’ve made quite clear that I find ad hominem attacks inappropriate.  You may disagree with PETA’s stance or performance on policy A or policy B, but one day you might be surprised to find that their position on policy C is really profound and persuasive–please stay open to this possibility, especially with another organization whose mission is so closely aligned.  The point is, if you find yourself losing to PETA in a debate about policy C, don’t try to malign them over their positions on policies A and B–it’s just irrelevant and makes you look kinda dim (sorry, it does).  Ideas are independent of their sources and should be debated on their own merits, not on the reputations of their sources.  This “PETA is simply insane” attitude hurts animals; it keeps back the animal rights movement from forming solid and powerful coalitions; it MAKES YOU ALL LOOK NUTS.  Are you going to say that when PETA is at the state legislature fighting the good fight for animals and BFAS is so busy doing whatever they do that they can’t be bothered to send a letter in support of the animals, that you’d rather stay home and just say “Sorry animals, I can’t help you on this one because that would mean I have to deal with PETA.”  BFAS–this attitude by Jeane is partially your creation; it’s also something you could do a lot to eliminate or mitigate and urge you do so. 

          • Lastly, because it’s infuriating how you dupes just play right into their hands, the “PETA kills animals” meme–which is true, but only partially, it’s unfair and distorted–was started by the Center for Consumer Freedom, an industry front group.  According to Sourcewatch: “Part of CCF’s method is to direct attention away from the substantive issues and to keep the focus on the messenger rather than the message.”  BFAS, this blog post recommitts the worst sins of an industry bent on keeping animals from having any legal protections whatsoever–I can only conclude this comes from personal avarice (since I do believe that you actually care for animals). You are harming animals by spending more time criticizing PETA than you do criticizing breeders and animal food producers.  Fight the real enemy please, and keep your disagreements with PETA close to the vest, like a family fight. 

        • Faith B2

          Yes the work of Dr. Levy from the University of Florida. Currently Dr. Morrow of Duquesne University is working on the issue. Our colonies (Washington County Feline Justice Project) are living well into their teens. They have caretakers, are well fed, have shelter and receive vet care if they need it. They are of course spayed/neutered, treated for fleas, ear mites and vaccinated for rabies and FVRCP. I am a professor of ethics and my position grounded in both utilitarian and deontological ethics is that TNRC is the only morally acceptable solution. I am just completing my article for the Journal of Animal Ethics. Why does PETA troll newspapers and attempt to undermine TNRC projects??? I have no allegiance to any organization. My only concern is that animals are treated humanely and their intrinsic value recognized. In human medicine we have the concepts of “substituted judgment and best interests.” My question is given the fact that we can not know the wishes of the cats, what qualifieds PETA to make a “substituted judgment” for cats Ingrid has never known? From an animal rights perspective, which finds its philosophical grounding in deontological ethics each individual (animal) has an interest in its life (see Tom Regan) and is harmed by its death. Please stop misusing the term euthanasia. It only applies in cases of terminal illness when the disease makes living one’s life a burden. Killing healthy animals is just that killing. PETA uses the same argument for its support of resuming American horse slaughter. That conclusion is based on a methodologically flawed GAO report. My group does about 60 cats a month. I will defend TNRC as the only morally acceptable solution because I know it works and the cats have a chance to live their lives.  

          • I really respect the way in which you are engaging this issue, Faith.  Best Friends, please take note: this is the tone, manner and style in which you should debate these issues.  I’m still not sure whether I agree with Faith, or with PETA, or if I’m somewhere in the middle, or whatever, but this is a vitally important debate for animal rights/welfare supporters to have and BFAS’s tone and manner pollute the debate. BFAS–as a leader in this area–are contributing greatly to corrupting the debate with ad hominem attacks and half truths lobbed at a competing group that should be seen as your ally and comrade (despite your differences and occasional challenges of one another). Please, get your act together and have some respect for your comrades who, though they may make conclusions different than yours on highly complicated moral dilemmas, are guided by the same love and compassion for life that you are. Stop suggesting to your supporters that BFAS has a monopoly on kindness, and stop–really STOP–trying to tar and distort PETA. I know smart people–under your influence–who refuse to even listen to PETA’s call to action on really important policy debates because BFAS has so maligned them–and these are debates where BFAS is too busy doing other things to even contribute!!!  You could win back some of my respect by authoring a blog post in which you detail all the work PETA does that you DO respect.  I don’t have the same expectation for PETA because I don’t think they engage this debate with the same level of childishness. 

      • One last comment (I hope it’s my last): but so many people, often myself included, seem to misinterpret the kill v. no-kill debate as one about pragmatism v. ideals.  But seeing here that within presumed-idealists Best Friends’ realm of acceptable compliments to a “no kill” community is a policy of abandonment of rescued cats really turns the whole thing on its head.  I mean, the pissing match between PETA and Best Friends is even more ridiculous once you realize that both sides of the debate are willing to make DEEP compromises (pragmatism) that harm animals in profound ways (kill them or abandon them to a probable life of depravity and violence). It’s a debate about whose terribly depressing compromises are better. You are in no position to be riding a high horse. 

      • Michelle

        you havce the right to defend whatever you wish in this country, but you cannot expect positive feedback when all your worried about is self centeredness. And philosphy or fact, there are such people that are on both sides.  But to focus on that, i believe everyone has lost sight of the real issue.  its  no longer JUST about precious lives, its gone political.  And any time you put political into things then ya go down hill

    • What a stupid rationalization to try to justify the continuing of the kill mentality ! So we need “universal no-kill” before we can justify the existence for a single no-kill shelter!? What is constantly being missed by the “it’s necessary to kill”proponents is that the “evil” is in the killing itself and that the taking of any savable life is morally wrong…human or animal!

    • Michelle

      I CONCURE!  Its like a (excuse the parody) cat fight, and the only ones that are going to truly suffer and loose out are the animals….sad

  • Anonymous

    Great blog.

  • Eaupp

     Let’s all take a moment to follow the logic of PETA: there are millions of animals being raised for food in America, which is wrong wrong wrong. Everyone should stop eating meat immediately. If by some crazy happenstance, we did so, then we would have millions of cows, chickens, etc. abandoned by their owners since there is no profit in them anymore. Focusing on the chickens for a moment–abandoned, they would probably form feral colonies in the wild (i.e., in the woods behind a suburban development) and a number would survive and flourish. At which point PETA would round them up and kill them because it’s better to be dead than living in a stable, feral colony. Am I missing anything here?

  • SFPhoenix

    Thank you Best Friends for all you do to save the lives of so many homeless animals who need shelter, food, and medical attention. I am proud to be one of your supporters and hope to visit your animal community in the future. Keep up the good work!

  • SFPhoenix

    It is sad that the very same group who will pour blood over humans who wear animal fur clothing will not hesitate to shed the blood of innocent homeless animals without hesitation. Who gave PETA the right to be judge, jury, and executioner of the community cats and kittens, and any other homeless animal? These animals have the right to live out their lives after being spayed or neutered. Those that can be adopted, as in the case of young feral kittens, and other abandoned family pets should have the opportunity to have a good home. I am the owner of a feral kitten who found her way to my front porch at five weeks of age in the dead of winter. I ended up adopting her and have never regretted my decision. She is now almost five years old and she is a wonderful companion along with the two other cats who were adopted

    • 3katzz

       I wonder where they get all this blood from?

  • Gonzo136

    PETA went in and closed Caboodle ranch. Took all the cats. Claiming they were being abused. I wonder how many of those 500 plus cats are still alive? I guess they have a unique definition of being saved!

    • Theresa

       I live not too far from Caboodle Ranch, and it desperately needed to be shut down.  He was actually harming the TNR movement: he wasn’t taking in just strays here and there, he was allowing people to drop off unwanted house cats or community cats that were perfectly happy in their original environment.  He was allowing cat owners and caretakers to shirk responsibility by throwing cats into a proverbial black hole.  Cats need space, and cramming 700 cats into such a small area is insane.  The owner hoped to one day have a thousand cats.  How can one person with little to no income possibly provide care for that many cats?  He had no adoption plans.  He was not requiring that “donated” cats be sterilized and was not sterilizing them himself.  He was wiping discharge from cats’ eyes with Clorox wipes and re-using droppers to medicate sick cats.  He had no idea what he was doing.

      • 3katzz

        You seem to know so much about Caboodle.  How do you know all this?  Possibly PeTA literature or indoctrination materials circulated to make it look as this was really happening.  Many of the animals taken there were `fixed` by the people that had the heart to leave them and not euthanize them as Ingrid would wish.  Maybe, instead of painting Mr. Grant as the villain, you should read a bit more.  Sounds like you are in lock step with all the demonizers that have descended on the Ranch.

      • Casun2000

        Were you there?  Did you actually see these things happen to the cats? Or are you naive enough to believe what PETA says is the gospel?  Unless you have been physically on this ranch and worked with Craig Grant, you have no business judging what he was or wasn’t doing.  People always think they know better than others and can really mess things up for other people and animals.  All the cats that were at HOME on Caboodle Ranch are now either dead or in a cage in a warehouse.  Is that a better life for them?  I THINK NOT!!!!!

        • Easterli

          PETA did the investigation. ASPCA seized the cats and is caring for them. They are receiving excellent care. Yes, I have seen them. CR was a disaster and needed to be closed. The cats ate being treated and will be adopted into loving homes. They now have a chance to have the lives they’ve always deserved.

    • 3katzz

       PeTA had their operative enter the Ranch as a volunteer and she did video of animals that were sick-in their little hospital.  It is completely contrived to forward PeTa`s belief that homeless animals, no matter where they are, should be euthanized.  Mr. Grant did nothing wrong except try to save the lives of the felines he loves.  PeTA doesn`t understand the word Love.  Just hate.

  • Perhaps you could provide the official link to the VA gov where it shows the paper work for PETA and the 95% statistic?

  • Babykitty-1

    I want to know PETA’S response. I know PETA is not perfect, no organization is. But lately I am hearing alot of PETA bashing.
    I think all life is precious, but I am not naive enough to think that in this cruel world where animal cruelty takes place every day, every where, euthanasia is going to have to be done by someone. Letting cats starve, or be targets of animal cruelty is unacceptable. I hope as animal lovers we can figure out how to unite and tackle these serious issues because bashing a organization like PETA, is turned into bashing HSUS and whats next???
    It means less animal rights issues are being addressed. Less animals getting the help they need = SHAME.

    • lisa

      I have been a long time PETA supporter (though have disagreed w.some of their tactics), and when I heard about their high kill rate, I did not believe it was true…could not believe that they would do such a thing when they do much much to try and SAVE lives. I wrote to them, because I wanted to hear their side first hand. I recevied a lengthy response…they denied their kill rate and said they work with many shelters/rescues to place their animals. I am fogetting impt details, so will see if I can find it and share their response.
      at this point, I don’t know who to believe. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        From Wikipedia”

        PETA opposes the no kill movement, and, according to a Newsweek report, euthanizes an estimated 85% of the animals that end up at their shelter

        They recommend euthanasia for certain breeds, such as pit bull terriers,
        and in certain situations for animals in shelters: for example, for
        those living for long periods in cramped cages.[62]

        The group takes in feral cat colonies with diseases such as feline AIDS and leukemia, stray dogs, litters of parvo-infected puppies, and backyard dogs, and says that it would be unrealistic to follow a no-kill policy in such instances

        There are plenty of articles dealing with PETA’s despicable practices in their Norfolk,  Virginia shelter.  If you could find it, a letter to the editor written by one of their VP’s expressing their outright HATRED of pit bulls from Fredericksburg, Virginia’s Free Lance Star a couple of years ago would be very instructive on exactly what they think of the breed. 

        • Anonymous

          That was when I lost ALL respect for them.  The letter advocated not only adhering to the local shelters policy of not adopting pit bulls to the public, but not even allowing them to be ‘rescue only’, and instead giving many vile and ludicrous reasons why they should be killed- the very reasons, in fact, that pit haters give every time they open their stupid mouths.  Because she represented PETA, this idiot has credibility she should NEVER have been given.

          People have no idea what this organization is about when it comes to family pets. 

      • Faith

        Their own records submitted to Virginia Dept of AG. You can look it up under shelters

      • 3katzz

         Keep reading and digging.  I looked at their 990 they filed and, with all the contributions they receive, 1% goes to shelters.  I read that they made the comment that they do not even have shelters…they are an org., not a shelter.  I hate them for what they do to pets…and the people that try to help them.  Angels Gate and Caboodle Ranch are two of the latest targets.  Both are good orgs.  Keep trying to get all the info. you can.  Only you can then decide.

  • Chettich

    Wow- Serious typos in my last post.  Sorry!!
    I am searching for a copy of the letter.  All I CAN find are extrapolated quotes, from the letter.  Do you have the full letter?

  • Chettich

    I am searching for a copy of the letter.  All I can’t find it extrapolated quotes.  Do you have a copy of the letter?

  • Jeanne_wysocki

    No longer a supporter of PETA Best Friends all the way!!!

  • lovefelines2003

    PETA sucks – always has.  Ingrid Newkirk is the animals’ worst nightmare.  Why can’t they just be shut down in Virginia?  Aren’t there any laws that can  facilitate this?  Perhaps I am naive, but they operate under the guise of an animal welfare org. when in fact they are the equivalent of the Nazi killing machine for the animals.  Sickening, and what’s worse is that most people don’t realize this.  It kills me when well known actors etc…..speak for them, pose for the posters etc…….don’t they do their homework before jumping on board this so called welfare org?

  • Mary Kenefick

    If PETA thinks killing is kindness, well, they can “go first”!! Thank you Best Friends! TNR is the only way to control feral cat populations!! 

  • Catherine Janes2010

    If killing is kindness… why are they against slaughter for food? Why do they keep telling me to go vegetarian or vegen if they are killing cats! We can kill cats and dogs but not chickens and cows? It just warps my mind

  • Catherine Janes2010

    If killing is kindness… why are they against slaughter for food? Why do they keep telling me to go vegetarian or vegen if they are killing cats! We can kill cats and dogs but not chickens and cows? It just warps my mind

    • Coloursofbyron

      Well, if you are happy to eat dogs and cats, then knock yourself out.

      • Missmagdab

        you so missed the point of that statement

      • Gato Gordo’s Mom

        What the heck?????

      • Casun2000


    • PETA – “Ethnical” is a very dubious word to be the name of any organization

  • LA Voice

    Thank you, Francis, for finally drawing attention to PETA’s cruel practices…

  • Mar7490

    It would be nice to get a letter campaign going to PETA so they can possibly see how other people are thinking and that not everyone agrees with them. The sad thing is so many times people just give up because they don’t want to deal with PETA even if they don’t agree with them. That would be a shame in this case. 

  • Francis, PETA is busy using donations to write a similar letter to many cities officials across the country to convince them killing pets is good, especially anywhere there is a No Kill group. Here is a link to a well known Examiner journalist showing one such recent letter to the Mayor of Columbus GA (who is now quoting them at every turn to continue bad shelter practices and adversity to pitbulls,) as well as the “real PETA letter” (satire )

  • Thank you BFAS for all you do. I love you guys!!!