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Westminster snobs snub shelter dogs

After 24 years, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has changed sponsors from Pedigree to Purina because the club doesn’t like Pedigree’s very effective “Adopt a Shelter Dog” ad series. The ads, widely regarded as the most effective adoption promotions ever, have helped Pedigree raise millions of dollars that have gone to the cause of pet adoptions. The ads were a redeeming feature of the Westminster TV presentation.

Westminster feels that the commercials are too serious for their broadcast. David Frei, head of communications for the club and on-air voice of the show, told the New York Times, “Show me an ad with a dog with a smile. Don’t try to shame me. We told them that and they ignored us.”  Frei added, “Our show is a celebration of dogs. We’re not promoting purebreds at the expense of non-purebreds. We celebrate all dogs. When we’re seeing puppies behind bars, it takes away from that. Not just because it’s sad, but it’s not our message.”

However, the Pedigree ads have been celebrated because they don’t portray shelter dogs as victims, but as unique individuals. The ads’ tagline says it all: “Don’t pity a shelter dog. Adopt one.” Dogs are shown in a kennel environment but not behind bars.

Unlike some well-known fundraising promotions that do show quivering and abused animals to milk people’s guilt, the Pedigree spots are a class act. The dogs are serious and their level gaze doesn’t impose guilt but rather asks the simple, straightforward question, “Will you help?” The voice-over by David Duchovny  is equally measured: “Shelter dogs aren’t broken. They’ve simply experienced more life. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write.”

The dog show circuit, as wonderfully and pretty accurately lampooned in the film mockumentary “Best in Show,” is a world of pampered excess, political maneuvering, and money. I can attest to that fact because back in the mid-1970s, I spent a few months showing a dog on the greater New York circuit for a friend who had purchased a purebred and was obliged by the purchase contract to “finish” the dog, meaning establish him as a champion so that the breeder could notch up another championship on her kennel’s resume. The dog, my friend, and I soon tired of the nonsense, rewrote the agreement, and stopped showing.

Westminster Kennel Club is sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. Their decision to distance from the reality of shelter animals is right in line with the AKC’s staunch support of puppy mills. They can be counted on to oppose any progressive legislation anywhere that seeks to curb the abuses of puppy mills because the AKC makes its money by registering purebred dogs regardless of their health, the conditions under which they were bred, or any consideration whatsoever for the well-being of the dogs. The AKC makes big bucks from puppy mills and the pet trade. They couldn’t care less that millions of dogs, many from AKC-registered breeders, are dying in our nation’s shelters.

The Pedigree ads were the one redeeming feature to a show that otherwise mainly drives the pet trade. Too bad.

Francis Battista
Co-Founder, Best Friends Animal Society





  • I will always support Westminster. As a RESPONSIBLE breeder, who knows where EVERYONE of my puppies are, I can tell you that NO RESPONSIBLE breeder allows their dogs to mate with a different breed. So…that kinda means that those mixed breeds in the shelters, are there because some owner 1) let little Susie out when she was in full bloom season to wander the streets 2) Some owner let little Johnnie out to wander the streets off leash, to find little Susie (who should have been ON A LEASH) and make little mixed breed babies.
    My dogs do not wander out of my yard. EVER. My dogs are not allowed to be bred by some passing stranger EVER.
    I know this will NEVER HAPPEN because I am a RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER.
    So, perhaps you guys should place the blame where it belongs. 

    • CMH

      It’s not about irresponsible ownership, Janet.  It is about the millions of dogs that are executed due to overpopulation because of human ignorance and irresponsibility.  We should be promoting the adoption of dogs, not the continued breeding of a species that is so overpopulated that most end up in shelters and never get homes, only lethal injections or a place in a gas chamber.  

      If people are looking to add a dog to their family, they should consider adoption first.  And sterilization should be a federal requirement for all cats and dogs.  There is no solution to the pet overpopulation problem except spaying and neutering, which is something the breeders don’t support either.  

      Bottom line, there is no such thing as “responsible breeding” in a country that executes 3-4 million cats and dogs annually.  It is cruel and depraved to buy a pet from a breeder when so many lose their lives in a horrific manner because of human ignorance and breed snobbery. 

      • Zena

        Yes, let’s end the breeding of all dogs and cats, regardless of who is breeding them.  Period.  No more pets.  That IS the goal isn’t it?

  • Sundog…really? AKC is in charge of what the written standard is for the breed? Do you really think that? Because that as is far from the TRUTH as you can get! Try to not be ignorant when you spout off weird stuff like that.
    So here is what happens. As you may or may not know, each BREED CLUB has to submit their written description of their breed. This is written by knowledgeable members OF THAT BREED. AKC doesn’t give a RIP what it says, because THAT IS NOT THEIR JOB. 
    AKC does NOT tell people HOW TO BREED. They are simply a REGISTRY.They register the dog. THE BREED CLUBS write the requirements and if a breed should have docked tails, dewclaws removed or cropped ears. NOT AKC!
    There are several new breeds to AKC right now…..again, AKC is simply putting what the breed club has written into their books.
    They have NO SAY on what happens to the breed.

  • Peggysue54

    One more reason that most rich people should not be in control of our lives or animal welfare!  Selfish people do not know the meaning of compassion, love and preservation of all that is good…every animal in every shelter or on the street is precious and so deserving of food, shelter and most of all the love of a true  human being!  Most of these people only care about what is theirs…instead of truly loving all animals!  These people are not from the real world!

  • Bcochran

    I am so glad that people aren’t judged by the way dogs are because most of us in this country would be shelter dogs!! I would be considered a mutt because of all the different blood lines I have coursing through my veins. Imagine these people who snub all the beautiful animals in shelters because they are not pure breed. Well guess what Westminster, thank God for companies like Pedigree who are not afraid to stand up to groups like you and pull for the lives of shelter animals! I really wonder how many mutt people out there are on the board for the Westminster Kennel Club that should be let go because they are not pure breeds and how many of the people that own these pure breeds should have to give them up cause they are mutt people too!! I have a full blooded JRT and I have a rescued JRT mix and guess what, I love them both the same and neither one is better than the other. Hopefully many people will snub your Dog Show cause you deserve that to happen. Thousands of animals loose their lives because of people like you!! WAY TO GO PEDIGREE don’t let these snob mutt people make you change!!!

  • Raquel

    Wow. That makes me sad.

  • 4theluvofpups

    Have lost any form of respect for the show now.  Disgusting.  I have no doubt, at some point in the lives or heritage of these “fine lines” some of their’s will end up in shelters needed rescue!

  • Mary Murray

    there are plenty of purebred dogs in shelters due to the economy…we are seeing sweet family dogs coming into rescue which is very sad….but they are there. And many, many purebred and mixed breed rescue orgs. that can find you a forever family member.

  • Mary Murray

    this is a tremendous post….I thank you beyond words. If I could jump through my monitor, and hug you I would. We take in breeder confiscations, and mill dogs. The mill dogs were AKC registered…or reported to be on the miller’s website at the time of the bust…he left out the part where they were kept in Silo’s and in rotten sheds with filthy water and no food. We will boycott any dog shows…as they do not speak to our message.  
    We have had plenty of those in rescue too….God what a life passed from one individual to another…no stability. 

  • Puz007

    don’t anyone watch the elitists if this is how they feel about all the animals put to death bc they aren’t the TOP DOGS in their eyes

  • Diane

    Just went to the facebook page and put a comment expect that will be deleted too!

  • Trish

    REAL REASON is the network was loosing money!! John q Public complained and turned the channel when the sad commercials came on. They showed the SAME sad commercial EVERY commercial break. When Pedigree was asked to tone it down some they said no. So they parted ways. Many people attending Westminster support and do rescue themselves out of their OWN pocket!

  • Kat

    I was part of a national breed rescue where I got my own puppy English pointer, who was field registered, but could have been AKC registered as well (breeder left papers and info when he dumped them at a kill shelter b/c another litter arrived and they were already 11 weeks).  Over the years, I had 4 fosters that were under 3 months, perfect purebred dogs that breeders took to shelters. And I do not live in an area where EPs are known or prevalent. So the people in the south always had puppies as fosters. We had purebred puppies come to rescue all year long. Just saying that every breed has a rescue now, where you can get purebred puppies if that is what you feel you need. I now have 2 mixed breed dogs, a husky mix and a pit bull, and one even points from living with a bunch of pointers. Most dogs can do the job you need done with love, patience and training. There are no more excuses to buy dogs. We do not need more dogs bred until the millions of shelter dogs stop dying.

    • CMH

      “There are no more excuses to buy dogs. We do not need more dogs bred until the millions of shelter dogs stop dying.”

      Beautifully stated, Kat.  

      • Zena

        How is that to be done?  What is the plan?

  • Kspitler

    Excellent news! Excellent article! About time, now I can snub the snobs because I’ve changed my mind that AKC, Westminster, and breeders of genetically defective dogs are doing anyone but themselves a service by preserving the breeds. GSD with defective hips, silly haircuts, reminds me of powdered wigs and tiny feet. Maybe not all breeders are like that but enough are and I think it’s time for the breeders that think differently to stand up to AKC and demand a change…for the sake of the dogs.

  • Ellen

    I should not let articles like this and the ignorant comments below raise my blood pressure.  But it always amazes me that so many are so completely indoctrinated into the animal “rights” propaganda.  You call people who show dogs snobs yet what are you?  Just a bunch of rescue snobs. Do you really think you love your animals more than the person who shows theirs? Really? You need to stop drinking the A.R. Koolaid.  This article ignores the fact that people who seriously show dogs have the goal of improving health and conformation of their animals.  Westminster IS a celebration of dogs and the people who have worked hard to get to the top of their sport.  And think about this you shelter-dog-snobs – where do you think most of your shelter dogs originated?  PUPPY MILLS.  People buy animals on a whim from a pet store or the back of a truck at a flea market from people who put two dogs together without any thought to genetics or health testing. Then they can’t handle the traits or illnesses or get bored and they dump the animal at a shelter or on the street.  So you rescue snobs are in fact supporting puppymillers.  I will be watching Westminster KC show both nights and rooting on those who have done well enough to go on to compete in Group.  And I’ll continue to thank God that there are reputable and responsible breeders who work hard and spend buckets of money on health-testing and feeding their dogs and who enjoy the camaraderie and competition of showing.  What I WILL stop however is my subscription to Best Friends Animal Society and I’ll give my donations to my local breed-rescue group instead.     

    • “rescue snobs” are in no way supporting puppymillers. They are rescuing dogs that would otherwise be killed. BUYING a dog that is AKC registered from a pet store most likely supports puppy mills. Rescuing a dog that is loosely connected to a puppy mill from a shelter does not. It supports the shelter and saves the dogs lives. Your logic makes no sense.

    • Ms. Dixie

      What I want to know is do you enjoy making money on dog fighting too? You have the nerve to call rescuers snobs? What have you ever done for free for your pure breeds? Are you out there making sure puppy mills aren’t abusing your breed? You are nothing more than a hypocrite. And please do cancel your subscription to Best Friends Animal Society because we sure don’t need fakes like you.

      • Omidog

        Rescuers are rapidly becoming the new religion – defying logic and ignoring anything that might not agree with their belief. Holier-than-thou snobs. Good breeders spend thousands of dollars on health screenings, fund research, organizing and supporting breed rescues, and fostering/finding homes for ‘their’ breed. Why not ask where all these mixed breeds are coming from? 75% of the shelter population, probably more. Certainly not from show breeders.

        • Stop Pet Euthanasia

          Omidog, in case you haven’t heard, there are breeders that intentionally crossbreed. This is where so-called “designer” dogs come from. While there may be legitimate reasons to crossbreed, most seem to only do it because they can get a lot of money for a “rare” breed. 

        • Stop Pet Euthanasia

          Omidog, in case you haven’t heard, there are breeders that intentionally crossbreed. This is where so-called “designer” dogs come from. While there may be legitimate reasons to crossbreed, most seem to only do it because they can get a lot of money for a “rare” breed. 

        • Really? Us “rescue snobs” are human. Were not mechanically engineered to believe that in order to have a “good” dog you must ”
          s spend thousands of dollars on health screenings, fund research, organizing and supporting breed rescues, and fostering/finding homes for ‘their’ breed” We don’t care. We don’t care where our dogs came from. We don’t care how much they cost. We care that they will give us unconditional love for as long as they can. We care that we just saved a life. We care that these dogs are dying. We feel. We don’t just look away and hope someone else cleans up our mess. Obviously, you are not getting in. MILLIONS OF ANIMALS DIE EVERY DAY IN THIS WORLD because of people like YOU. And for a little bit of education for you, we DO spend thousands of dollars. We transport dogs all around the U.S to save them. We spend thousands on their surgeries to save their lives. We open up our homes, and provide them everything they may need to survive and have a good life. And our mixed breeds are coming from YOUR BREEDERS mistakes. The dog that got out and no one cared to look for. The AKC Champion that was above his prime and got thrown out into the shelter. The millions of strays people drop on the street, un-fixed. Our dogs come from your *&^%@) messes that you leave us to clean up. And by the way, we spend hours researching where our “breeds” come from as well. Just so happens we get up to ten great breeds in one little package of love.

          Our dogs are our life. They get to play in the mud. Eat poop. Get into things they aren’t supposed to. They get to have a life. They’re not put onto a shelf for their lifespan and made to be some little toy princess for us to look at. They enjoy life. And I enjoy every second of time with my little babies.

    • Francis

      I have no doubt that there are breeders who are genuinely concerned about preserving and protecting dog breeds and I don’t believe the AKC or Westminster (whose decision it was to drop the Pedigree ads), always reflect the ethics and views of all breeders. However, an honest appraisal of confirmation breeding, that is breeding to a particular look and superficial soundness (which is what the Westminster show is all about), shows that it has been the source of countless problems for pure breed American dogs – from hip dysplasia in German Shepherds, to brachycephalic airway syndrome in English bull dogs, to rage syndrome in Springer and Cocker Spaniels, routine skin and eye problems in the Shar Pei and the inability for some Pugs to deliver puppies without a cesarian section. I’m not even scratching the surface of health conditions inflicted on dogs and their families by the practices that support conformation breeding, the foremost of which is line breeding that recommends breeding dogs with their puppy’s offspring in order to preserve a look. That’s right, grandpa to grand daughter.One big problem with dog shows is that in order to succeed, a dog has to appeal to the judge. In order for the judge to succeed, he or she has to attract the major handlers who have lots of clients who will enter their dogs into the show so that they will be hired as a judge by the club putting on the show. Shows hire these judges because they attract the big name handlers  and the “power dogs” that they represent. The judge naturally favors those big name handlers, who tend to win a disproportionate number of shows. Those winning dogs become champions and grand champions and then drive the preferred, current “look” of a breed within the allowable breed standard. So, if a long back and low slung hips become a preferred look for German Shepherds based on the preference of a powerful judge, breeders line-breed to enhance that look. Same for pushed in noses, bug eyes and big heads on Pugs. The result is damaged animals. While there is an effort at the high end of the breeding world to address these problems by pre-clearing the dogs for congenital conditions before breeding, these same looks and suspect breeding practices are rife in the commercial breeding world.And where do puppy mills get the preferred look that they breed for? Well, from places like Westminster.I do believe there is a legitimate place for hobby breeders that genuinely seek to preserve and protect dog breeds. However, if those breeders are to be taken seriously as dogs lovers, than they need to stand up and be counted in the campaign to end the abuses of puppy mills and commercial breeders rather than reflexively defending all things related to breeders.As for snobbery, I’m not sure what else you would call a group that is quoted by a spokesperson for Pedigree as saying, we are “focused on the purebred mission,” including the adoption of pure breeds as opposed to mixed breeds. I am not aware of  Westminster or the AKC putting  their resources into the rescue and adoption of the estimated 25% of shelter dogs assessed as being pure breeds. Their commitment to such a campaign would be welcome.

    • The AKC OPPOSES legislation that would shut down puppy mills. The breeders at Westminster are not the ones running puppy mills. But the fact that AKC refuses to police its own industry amounts to support for puppy mills.

      And the FACT that the AKC and Westminster have, with this move, openly expressed their scorn for the plight of shelter dogs is utterly despicable.

      They should be less bothered by the sad faces, and more bothered by the fact that those faces have good reasons to be sad. Furthermore, the AKC and Westminster should be working WITH animal rescue groups to solve the problem of homeless animals. Instead of turning their backs because the sight isn’t pretty. If you want to characterize my statements as “drinking the AR Koolaid” then I say, “Pass me another glass!” Hell – pass me the pitcher. I’ll drink the whole damn thing.  

    • Katesays

      Wake up and smell the roses. Puppymils must and should be against the law. Have you ever seen what they do to them. Give Viagra to the males and females have litter after litter. I resuced my dog and after what she has been through, she is a sweetheart.

    • Disay

      You are full of —- don’t know what you are talking about. Best Friends is the Best, helping all sorts of animals. What a Snob you are.

    • cocker1

      Ellen you are SO right, again I am a former pure breed rescuer of 25 years and have rescued over 6000 animals. I was reading the comments and was planning on responding in much the same way.  We who love dogs can not ignore the great breeders in our country.  True there are puppymillers and greedy, money grubbing idiots out there as well as well meaning backyard breeders who are nothing more than ignorant. There are also exceptional breeders who do nothing but give their lives, and finances to perfecting the breeds they love.  Isn’t that what we want?  To eliminate genetic issues that plague our beloved dogs?  These people are remarkable. I once pulled 4 cockers from a local shelter, posted them on my petfinder account and actually adopted one of them to an LA Celebrity who sent his private jet to pick the dog up. Then got a frantic call from a breeder in Fla who said that those dogs were hers and should have been returned to her. As a rescuer I always felt that dogs should always be returned to reputable breeders at any time they discovered their dogs in our rescue.  So we arranged transport and the remaining 3 senior, mangy, ear infected cockers are now healthy again, happy and residing on their original breeders farm in Florida.  
      Another of my dear friends is a breeder and she sends her females and males into rescue, fully vetted including altering, when she retires them.  She retires them after two litters.  If they test positive for genetic issues she retires them immediately. We then send them to wonderful homes.  
      These are only a few of the instances I can note where fantastic, caring breeders went to all lengths to tend to the lives they created.
      Sadly there are more of the idiots and ignorants than these fine folks. 
      My original major issue with this story was that the man implied that there were no pure bred dogs in animal shelters.  That is grossly wrong.  
      Still, you betcha I’m watching!

      • Zorica Stancevic

         if this FL breeder was so reputable and committed, then why were four of her senior dogs sitting in a shelter, mangy and ear infected.  kudos to you for pulling them for adoption and her taking responsibility for them after the fact. the spaniels that were rescued should have never been so neglected and abandoned in the first place. at it’s core, this only demonstrates the fact the not all breeders keep track of the dogs they sell to ensure they live long and healthy lives with loving families.  and there are alarming percentages euthanized all every day.

    • Zena

      Thank you Ellen, very well stated.

    • FrustratedByBothSides

      You know, rhetoric like this isn’t helpful. Many people in the rescue community have nothing to do with the likes of PETA or HSUS. The problem is, a lot of the issues that result in dogs being abandoned to shelters is due breeders who are indiscriminate about who they sell to and take no responsibility after the dog is sold.

      In a perfect world, all breeders would use responsible practices, check out prospective buyers, and do genetic testing. However, a lot of them don’t, and nobody seems interested in demanding accountability. As long as a majority of breeding-related organizations take a position of being completely and totally opposed to all legislation that would stop inhumane breeders, there isn’t going to be any headway. Sometimes, you need to stop screaming, take a step back, and listen to what others are saying.   

      The fact is, there are people on the breeders’ side of the fence that are every bit as extremist as any PETA member. I know responsible breeders who care more about their dogs than their own profits are out there. Please, stop allowing the extremists to speak for you. 

    • JS

      thank you! exactly what I say all the time, the majority of shelter dogs come from ignorant people that buy from backyard mistakes and from people that refuse to spay/neuter their mutts. Educate yourselves people!

  • Diana

    Too Bad. There are to many homeless dogs who need homes. And I for one adpoted a puppymill dog and she is the sweetest. I also, have two cats that I rescued. Puppymills to  He–. Shame on Westminster, I say.

  • Dexter Kirk

    I usually don’t defend the AKC, but I think the situation vis-a-vis puppymills is more complicated than portrayed here.  Why do you think so many BYBers and puppymills are selling puppies registered with the Continental Kennel Club (not to be confused with the Canadian Kennel Club!)?  The Continental Kennel Club will register your potted plant if you send in the money AND they don’t do inspections, etc., which AKC does do of high volume breeders.  The AKC stumbled badly a few years back with the Petland fiasco, but the breed clubs screamed bloody murder about this unsavory association with puppymills and AKC backed down.  

    Two other points about breeders and rescue/shelter dogs:  many breeders I know are involved with rescue.  And secondly, if everybody bought from responsible breeders, the shelters would be empty.  Responsible breeders screen potential homes carefully AND take dogs back when and if a home doesn’t work out. 

    • Michellew29

      I have two puppy mill rescues that came out of horrific mills that are both AKC registered as well as all of the other live and dead breeders that were pulled from these mills. There is a puppy store down the road from me that is full of AKC registerd dogs. The last time I was in there the only dogs that were not registered were the “designer breeds”. So as much as you would like to think they don’t, the AKC is still making lots of money off of puppy mills.

      • Zena

        Pet stores usually like to get their dogs from APRI breeders that are USDA registered, not AKC.  What is the name of that pet store?

  • Deb

    Hats off to Pedigree for their work with shelter animals.  I hope Pedigree knows their efforts are greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    I posted this blog on the Westminster FB page. See if that makes folks think a bit.

  • I agree, I’ve always watched the show but now that Pedigree has been dropped I will  be watching something else. I’ve known how the AKC turns a blind eye with puppy mills and how snobby they are. It’s the same with horse shows, I never showed my Arabians because of all the politics and abuse that went on. I don’t have to have a trophy or ribbon to know my dog or horse is the best!

  • Mokra

    Ok westminster…start including mixed breeds in your shows and then we will respect your group! I have a rescue dog, half yellow lab, half golden retriever, and I’ll tell u that she is classy, beautiful, perfect lines, perfect temperment, perfect walk, stand, teeth, head, eyes, legs, etc…could blow those dogs away if she were ‘allowed’ to participate in your show!! 

    • ashamed to know akc

      Agreed!!!!!!!!! 100 % Mokra!! There are so many beautiful dogs in shelters that need homes…..who are equally beautiful to look at and perform…no reason to snob-out and encourage AKC ownership! 

    • Kelly

      Conformation shows are ment to judge dogs to the standard for their breed.  Every breed has a standard, which outlines the details of the perfect dog of that breed.  Mix breeds can’t be shown in conformation because there is no uniform mixed breed, you cant make a standard to judge to for a mixed breed.  You ARE however, able to show your mixed breed in AKC performance events like, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking, etc.

  • I have two rescue poodles, both purebreds, and both were spayed as soon as I got them.   One was a ‘breeder’ and the other one was a starved, neglected dog.  And both are healthy, happy, productive members of my family now. 

    I’m one of those people who will turn the channel when I see pictures of pathetic and abused animals peeking out from behind cage doors, but, show me a rescued dog playing with his new ‘family’ in an ad and I’ll look a little closer.   I’ve never watched the Westminster Dog Show so can’t speak to that, but have seen more horrific ads showing abused animals and I change the channel.   Dog food manufacturers could maybe show us some ‘feel good’ commercials, I know I would be more apt to look at those.  Show me a shelter dog that’s now a happy, functioning member of a new family, and say something to the effect of ‘give love a chance’.  

    We’re all bombarded with images of horrific cruelty that have been perpetuated upon an innocent, to the point that we are inured to the inherent cruelty.   I personally can’t look at those images, not if I want to sleep at night.   So please stop showing me those pictures.  And if that makes me less, then so be it.  

    And a shameless plug for Best Friends, they do great work,  

  • PekeLover

    Breeding and showing is a business.  Don’t kid yourself that it is anything else.  Yes, many of them love their dogs, but the definition of “love” varies.  I have heard show people say that they feel their dog, out there in the spotlight, is an extension of themselves.  It’s business and ego, like much of our world except it involves the use of and profit from a sentient being that doesn’t have any choice in the matter.  Yes, Westminster is billed as a celebration of dogs, but oil companies also celebrate their involvement with alternative energies…..  Hmmm…  It’s no surprise that Westminster dropped Pedigree.  It was diluting their brand in a way that was bad for business.  

  • Sundogpeg

    The AKC supports puppy mills, requires the docking of tails, the cropping of ears and requires breeding for unsound traits and conformation look at the current German Shepherd and the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Westminster is not a celebration of dogs it is a beauty show gone very bad. I do not hate purebred dogs I hate the AKC and irresponsible breeders. Sometimes those two are one and the same.

    • Sundog…really? AKC is in charge of what the written standard is for the breed? Do you really think that? Because that as is far from the TRUTH as you can get! Try to not be ignorant when you spout off weird stuff like that.
      So here is what happens. As you may or may not know, each BREED CLUB has to submit their written description of their breed. This is written by knowledgeable members OF THAT BREED. AKC doesn’t give a RIP what it says, because THAT IS NOT THEIR JOB. 
      AKC does NOT tell people HOW TO BREED. They are simply a REGISTRY.They register the dog. THE BREED CLUBS write the requirements and if a breed should have docked tails, dewclaws removed or cropped ears. NOT AKC!
      There are several new breeds to AKC right now…..again, AKC is simply putting what the breed club has written into their books.
      They have NO SAY on what happens to the breed.

    • Laura

      OH Good lord what planet have you lived on? Can you tell  who else spent over 50 MILLION dollars  for the health of dogs? I bet not. They have shut down so many puppy mills there now is at least 5 other registries , who don’t care at all, Get your facts straight before you speak out!

  • Shonny

    It is a disappointing decision, to be certain. I wasn’t aware AKC was so pro-puppy mill, and I won’t be watching in the future. I’m surprised by all the hate in the comments for people that do have purebred dogs from reputable breeders. I’ve only ever owned shelter mixed-breeds, but all I’ve required from dogs ever is fluffiness and cuddles. At the same time, I’m a horse owner, and though my horse was actually a “rescue” a decade ago, part of why I love her and she suits me is based upon her specific breed. The next horse I get will probably be the same breed, because that suits my riding needs best, as well as a good mesh of temperments. So if someone needed a working dog (sheepdogs, seeing eye, etc), or really wanted to show, I can see why they would want a purebred from a breeder. A good breeder is doing for the love of the breed, not to make a profit. As I said, I have no needs from a dog besides love, so I can go to a shelter, but I could understand someone with a specific breed in mind not being able to find one at a rescue.

    • Sherry Peck

      There is a rescue group for most every breed. I recently adopted 2 cockers from a rescue. They are both sweet, loving and beautiful dogs. People think rescue or shelter dogs are given up because of problems with the dogs. I believe the problem is with the former owners, because I have 2 very loving dogs, who just want to be with their people. My 2 rescue cockers are no different than our 2 AKC cockers.

      • Cmh96734

        Completely agreed.  I have friends who have adopted everything from purebred corgis to bulldogs from rescue groups.  These rescue groups also work on the dog’s temperament and assess the people adopting to ensure the dog is a good fit for the person/family.  Rescues are the best balance between wanting a purebred and doing the right thing for our canine companions!

      • As the saying goes: “The best way to tell a person’s personality, is to look at their dogs!”

  • Anonymous

    I buy Pedigree here in France because of their ads to adopt. I haven’t seen it recently and need to send them an e-message. Dog shows are not for dogs. They are for the egoistic snobs. // Jean Clelland-Morin

    • Lilpumkinproductions

      I buy my dog food because of its quality and not because of the ads.

      • Anonymous

        As in this case, I ALWAYS read and compare ingredients – including what I buy for human consumption. I saw nothing that made me choose another product. Adopt-ads were a deciding factor. // Jean Clelland-Morin