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Vicktory dog Georgia adopted

Sometimes it surprises me that it’s been over four years since I initially met the Vicktory dogs. Like almost all of us who read about them and certainly all of us who worked with them, I formed close relationships and lasting bonds with each.

But none more so than Georgia.

If you used to watch the television series “DogTown” on the National Geographic Channel — or are a regular follower of the Best Friends website — you may remember that Georgia is a dog I’ve had many adventures with. From traveling to Los Angeles so that Georgia could represent pitties on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, to being on Larry King Live, to the simplest (and my favorite) adventures of just helping Georgia learn to be close to a person, Georgia and I have shared a lot.

And today we share what I hope will be our best adventure yet. We are packing up and leaving this morning so that I can drive Georgia to her brand-new adoptive home.

That’s right. Our girl is being adopted!

I love this dog so much. Although I am a person who looks forward and not backward, when I think of everything she went through before coming to Best Friends, it’s tough not to get emotional.

I don’t do the daily training or caregiving work with Georgia anymore. That honor went to Kathy Moore, a really great caregiver in Dogtown who worked with Georgia to help her pass her Canine Good Citizen test (a requirement for all of the Vicktory dogs to be adopted). No small feat for Georgia, who — as part of the test — had to learn to ignore other dogs. So I do want to take a moment to give Kathy and all of the other caregivers who have played such a big part in Georgia’s life the heartfelt thank-you and respect they deserve — thanks, guys! It’s largely due to their efforts that this really important moment is finally here.

I know you are likely eager to know if Georgia is going to a wonderful home. Well, she is! I was happy to be part of the team to meet and work with Georgia’s new person, Amy, when she visited a few weeks ago, and I’ll be staying for a few days to help Georgia settle into her new home and to help Georgia and her new mom get to know one another. Georgia is going to live with someone who we are confident will love and understand her and really help her acclimate to life in a home — something we don’t believe Georgia has ever experienced.

And Georgia is a dog who likes her comfort!

Every hotel room we’ve stayed in before has had a Georgia-shaped imprint on the couch or bed when we’ve left. Very important in Georgia’s case is that she is going to a home that has committed to her being the only pet there for the remainder of her life. We think that’s the way Georgia wants it, and certainly given her history and discomfort with other animals, something she deserves. She’ll get all the love and care and attention she’s been longing for — in a home of her own.

We want to give Georgia and Amy some privacy to settle in and enjoy life together, but we’ll be talking to Amy often and providing updates on how they are doing together.

Thanks to everyone who sent Georgia gifts and wished her well along the way during her time at Best Friends. When I say goodbye and drive away, I’m not too embarrassed to say I might even get a little choked up. I know I’ll miss seeing her every time I am in Dogtown and that our staff and volunteers will, too — but this is the ending we’ve been working toward all along. The ending that Georgia deserves, after all, is actually a new beginning.


John Garcia
Best Friends staff

  • Teresa Brown

    I’m very proud to admit that a portrait of Georgia hangs in my living room above my TV so I look at her sweet face all the time.  Back when I first saw the Dogtown episode I fell in love with her!  I am so glad she is going to a good home!  Thank you Best Friends for all you have done for her!!!

  • Colleengualtieri

    There is a special place in heaven for people like you and the staff at Best Friends! 

  • Robbie

    I am so happy for Georgia!! I followed all the Vicktory dogs on Dogtown and their stosries are remarkable. Yes, I am teary-eyed but of happiness. God bless Best Friends for all the work they do!!!

  • HaraHara

    God bless you and everyone who ever cared for the poor dogs that Michael Vick felt compelled to put through hell! I will NEVER understand why Vick or anyone else in this world would want to watch ANY animal fight for its life- may they suffer the same fate some day! 

  • Dedavies000

    God bless her – and Amy!  Best wishes for their furever life together! <3

  • Karen Lea

    Congratulations to Georgia, John, Kathy, & all the other caregivers & staff who made this possible.  I will cherish meeting her — even tho thru a fence & with her sticking her head thru her doggy door with a huge toy in her mouth.  I will also continue to cherish the photos I have of her playing with Skip & Kathy in her run having a great time being a dog, not just a diva.

  • Deborahwelborn

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!   When all of this happened I never expected Georgia to ever be able to be adopted..John you’ve done AMAZING work.  I’m so very thankful that Georgia has been adopted.  She was my favorite from the very beginning…

  • Donna Mc

    Dear John, I watched DogTown faithfully the whole time it was on National Geographic…and even the reruns until the show was pulled. It is how I got introduced to Best Friends and all of the wonderful work they do and especially all of the amazing training you did over the years. I cried more over Georgia than any other dog you had on the show and followed every step of her remarkable recovery to where she is today.  Please take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back…if I were there I would do it for you!  You are a gift to all of the dogs you come into contact with.  I wish Georgia and her new mom Amy all of the love and happiness they can possibly have together!!!  I am sure that everyone in DogTown is proud of Georgia, but probably not one is more proud than you, as you should be!!! 

  • Rolando T.

    GREAT NEWS!!  

  • Josie127

    John, You were by far my favorite Dog trainer on Dog Town. I know you have a Passion for Pit Bulls and Georgia wrapped you around her paws right from the start. Thank You and Thank Kathy for giving Georgia the one thing she needed most in this world, FAITH. You are awesome.
    God Bless Amy and Warm Loving Wishes to Georgia. Enjoy the rest of our life Baby Girl  XO  :)

  • Sandy Hayre

    Thank you dog town for giving this little red girl her life back. We have all followed her storyand John’s amazing work with her.  I hope that she will not just fade into the history of the Vick dogs, but rather keep us up to date on her PTSD recovery.  

    Thank you Best Friends for all of us who wrote the judge begging for mercy for the Vick Dogs.

  • 4leggedSmiles

    YAY for Georgia.  I has a been a long road for all the Vick dogs but thank you Best Friends staff and trainers, John Garcia and everyone involved in rehabbing and now re-homing these wonderful babies!  These canines have all been through so much and they truly deserve a loving forever home.   I check on Best Friends site, always looking out for an update re: Vick Dogs.  It is heartwarming to read stories of adoptions and/or progress.   Thank you Best Friends.   Here is to many more adoptions!    Hugs to Georgia, her new family and to the rest of the Vick Dogs, as well as all of Best Friends Pets from our family & canines.


    awsome !!!! great to hear !

  • Therese

    This is terrific news!  I am so happy for Georgia.  I rented all the ‘Dogtown’ dvd’s from Netflix and watched w/great interest.  Many, many, many bellyrubs and hugs for Georgia for the rest of her life.

  • kathy

    I sponsored Georgia and always hoped to get to Dogtown to meet her before she was adopted.  I never missed an episode of the show, and was secretly hoping John would be adopting her.  Can we have updates on her new home?