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Ohio HB 14 pit bull legislation vote today

Update: Ohio HB 14 has passed!

Best Friends Animal Society has introduced Ohio House Bill 14, which would put an end to one of the most egregious laws on the books for man’s best friend — the state’s breed-discriminatory pit bull law.

HB 14 is being heard today in the Ohio Senate, and you can watch the vote live online  at 1:30 p.m. EST.

It’s not too late to act! If you live in Ohio, let your voice be heard.

All paws crossed for a victorious outcome!

Julie Castle
Senior Director, Communications

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  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness.  The facts, common sense and compassion have won out finally for these dogs.  Thank God.  

  • Random Felines

    I just watched the vote and…IT PASSED!!! 27 in favor, 5 against.

  • Beth Heikkinen

    This is just one of many actions Best Friends is involved in to “Better the lives of the innocent animals that can not speak for themselves.”  Pit Bulls are a breed that will do what their humans ask of them. That is why Michael Vices was able to make money off of his dogs. If a Pit Bull is raised properly, as all dogs should be, you will have a wonderful companion of which the entire family will love. Proper training, socializing, love & exercise are all they ask for. They ask for so little and give so much in return. If raised with love they are no different then the friendly Golden Retriever that lives next store. Just last night my female dog and I met a Pitt Bull named Max. Max greeted us, both strangers, with a smile and continuous tail wagging. Max was found in a garbage dumpster. I guess the people that put him in there thought no more of him than they did their household garbage. Too bad for their loss! Max and his new guardian will have a wonderful life together.