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“Dog Wars”: Virtual dog fighting makes the list in Android’s app line-up

Looking for a great way to channel all that pent-up frustration and outrage over the hall pass being given to Michael Vick? Look no farther. The Big Brother of the Internet has declared war on dog lovers with one of its latest offerings.

The folks at Google/Android have a new killer app, as in this app will kill dogs, kill efforts to undo pit-bull terrier stereotypes and, oh yeah, kill any enthusiasm I was building to switch from my iPhone to an Android product when my current phone gives up the ghost.

“Dog Wars” is a video game about dog fighting. Here’s a blurb from the download site:

          “Raise your Dog to Beat the Best!


          Feed, water, train and FIGHT your virtual dog against other player’s… action games, chatroom, many characters and dogs to choose from, virtual store, etc.”

The developer, Kage Games, LLC, defend this garbage with the standard, “It’s only a game,” and, “Go complain about ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ ” a hyper-violent video game featuring street crime and urban slaughter.

The “Dog Wars” promo page features a pit-bull-terrier-type dog with blood on his muzzle. I’m not a gamer, but the intention to cater to gangsta wannabes and other knuckleheads speaks for itself.

While most fantasy role-playing games are based on cartoon worlds and an unrealistic premise, like “Grand Theft Auto,” the world of dog fighting is neither outlandish nor unrealistic. Dog fighting is real. Dogs die and suffer every day, and the culture of dog fighting drives shelter populations of backyard-bred pits in cities across the country, leading to the killing of hundreds of thousands of pit bull terriers and their mixes every year.

Of course, the weenie geeks seeking to get rich by developing this stuff would likely wet themselves if actually thrust into the poverty and violence of the environments they depict, but what can you expect from young males who spend most of their time in a garage, basement or cubicle with Cheetos stains on their shirts.

However, this is no joke, and the fact that Google/Android sees fit to promote animal cruelty and criminal activity in this way either owes to the fact that they are utterly clueless or is a measure of their greed, bad taste and arrogance  – which of course are their right.

It is also our right to let them know how we feel.

Please fill out Google’s Android Market “Report Inappropriate Apps” form,
and ask them to drop “Dog Wars” in their product line. You can also write an email to Google’s press relations folks at

This is important, folks, and unless we speak out, dog fighting in our society becomes more ingrained as a social norm. Click here for “Dog Wars”: Part II.

Francis Battista
Co-Founder, Best Friends Animal Society

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  • Anilucia

    thanks for posting this. letters written, and re-posted on my facebook page.

  • Anilucia

    thanks for posting this. letters written, and re-posted on my facebook page.

  • Thelunarprincess

    ugh this is so sick. how can you even let an app like that happen! how immoral!

  • Avadesigns


  • Lisabaloha

    Disgusted & telling them so. Will also spread the word to friends & family so NONE of us buy an Android. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Farrelhansen

    can we start a petition against this?

    • Regi

      We made an event on Facebook. Start one and people will reply!

  • Madison

    Beyond sickening. Making this inhumane activity into an “app” game is only adding to the problem.

  • Sotpagrl

    Shared, reported and e-mailed. I am shocked – absolutely shocked that anyone could dream up such a game, much less any corporate entity would consider promoting it. I’m just shocked! Thanks for letting the public know! This has got to reach as many people as possible!

  • Dan ‘Smitty’ Smith

    Writing,e-mailing & complaining to any & all!! I’m too disgusted to really comment. I know I’d love to see some bastard p[laying this crap. I haven’t smashed a phone in awhile.

    • K9solutions

      Grow up man and fight the good fight with something concrete not just running your mouth!!

  • Aratear

    Not only is dog-fighting cruel, it’s ILLEGAL! The reasons this app shouldn’t exist go on.

  • Anonymous

    I saw that already and put in my complaint already. Thanks for keeping people aware. You cannot make this world a better place unless you participate and speak up for what you believe in.

  • Kathy

    I sent the email, tweeted and posted to Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Flywithjoani

    Well, this might just be the reason I give up my droid-a phone I loved until I read this. Get a clue Droid!!!

    • tik

      that makes no sense? Google didn’t make this, the Android team didn’t make this. A completely separate developer created it to run on Android capable devices. You dropping your “droid” makes no sense. Thats like not buying a Apple computer because you saw a dog fight video while one the internet?

      • No, google didn’t develop it. But if they allow it to be distributed through the Android Market, then they are condoning it’s existence.

        • The Google Market is managed in the most democratic way – by community. They’ve never endorsed the application. They have a system in place for the community to tell them that the application is inappropriate. Once said application gets enough flags, it will be removed. Blaming the company is short-sighted and silly.

          • Regi

            Correct, I went to Google and flagged it.

          • Rpregulman

            So if someone invents a child molesting game and the community doesn’t flag it, the game should stay on google market?

        • tik

          You can watch inappropriate material through your Macbook, so does that mean Apple is condoning its existence?

          • Anonymous

            If it were up to Steve Jobs, you wouldn’t be able to watch adult content on your Mac. He’s made comments to that effect before.

      • Heathcj

        The deveoper should be taken to task. However, the deep pockets can influence what gets out there. Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. Show the big corps in a bad light and they can influence the little developers with tiny morals.

  • Read the article!

  • Amusing commentary! “Of course, the weenie geeks seeking to get rich by developing this stuff would likely wet themselves if actually thrust into the poverty and violence of the environments they depict, but what can you expect from young males who spend most of their time in a garage, basement or cubicle with Cheetos stains on their shirts.”

    I’ve reported it; hope Google does something about it!

  • ERD

    Any person who loves dogs will be furious at this. It encourages cruelty to animals. I will continue to protest any way I can until it is hopefully stopped.

  • Got the information I needed and reported this application as abusive.

  • LGunn

    Done! Unacceptable as a form of entertainment in any way, shape or form.

  • How do I find out who the developer is for this application? The “Report Inappropriate App” page requires I input who the developer is and I don’t know that information. Any help is greatly appreciated and I believe everything possible should be done to get this app off the market. Thanks.

    • Lucy

      The article above states it was developed by Kage Games, LLC

    • Justin Boudreau

      Kage games LLC

    • Boomrb

      The developer, Kage Games, LLC -It’s in the top part of the article.

  • Kjerge1

    I’ve complained about this app to Market (the ones who distribute it), the game developer (Kage Games) over and over and over again. I’m so grateful that Best Friends is posting this in an effort to help get this app taken down. Maybe if enough people complain, the distributers will take it off Market. Thanks!

    • Randi

      Could you put your comment on the two fb pages ‘The Patrick Miracle’ and ‘Patrick’s Pals’? This is perfect information as Patrick is the pit bull that was starved to within 6 hours of his life. He was placed in a plastic bag, tossed down 19 floor garbage chute (it’s a 22 story apt complex), and was close to being placed in the trash compactor. The maintenance workers called in animal control and he has since had a following on several fb pages. We are fighting this game and your comments give information that would be helpful. If not, may I place it on these sites? Randi Michael

  • Kimallenrn

    Thank you for bringing the Dog War app to my attention. I reported my disgust to the “Report Inappropriate Apps” site. The address did not link me up via the Best Friends web page, I will however follow up and send google an email expressing my views on the hatefulness and cruelty that the app creates.

  • Probably might want to re-phrase this unless you know for sure that they actually created the app. Sounds like an inappropriate one just made it in under the radar, not that Google is promoting dogfighting.

  • Chewtoy666

    They ask who the developer is when you go to flag it – Kage Games, LLC.

    • Enocre8

      Thank you – I didn’t know who it was either.

  • Horseythyme1

    This is just totally sick!

    What is wrong with you? This needs to be removed immediately!

    Be assured that I will never purchase any of your products!

    Toni Musulin

    • Anonymous

      Just be sure to direct your rage at the appropriate people. Kage Games LLC.

    • Tonydelap

      Are you serious?! You won’t support Google/Android, the open source option for smartphones (as opposed to Apple’s close-minded mentality) because of something that a third-party software maker made available in the Android store?

      Do you not watch television then, because they show pictures and/or videos of dog fighting/violence/rape/murder/etc?

      Thats ridiculous. Its democracy…freedom of speech…not controlled by the “powers that be” (aka Apple and Steve Jobs). I do not support, nor condone, dog fighting, or violence in general, but this has no reflection on Android or Google whatsoever.

      • Rpregulman

        Free speech doesn’t mean a private company can’t decide to pull a game off the market. Free speech means the government can’t pass laws to limit your speech. Google is not the government. No one is telling the developers they can’t develop a dog fighting game. Google and any other private company CAN tell the developer they won’t sell it.

      • Arijana Baillie

        this kind of democracy is what is destroying AMERICA !!!!!!!!!

  • Jeepkmd

    Unbelievable that they would allow this! I reported it and will send an email to the Press!